Coats are the one Fall and Winter accessory I stock up on during those seasons. I love interesting coats, case and point with this LOFT coat I nabbed almost immediately, and have so much fun using them as focal points in my cooler weather outfits. However, I always feel slightly bulky and unshapely in most coats, and over the years have developed subtle ways of tying or wearing them to help flatter my figure.

When buying a peacoat or trench I tend to go for double breasted styles as they usually come with a sash that helps synch the waistline. This style also allows for different wear variations, like my favorite above. I fold back each side of the coat and button it to its respective button. This creates fun almost faux lepels and also a slim center opening which gives the illusion of a thinner waist and longer torso.

When I want to button my coat double breasted style, or wear it folded over as shown above, I like to play with the ties. My favorite way of creating some added interest to coats is to create a fun bow tied at the back. This brings the attention back to my narrow mid section and removes the bulk of the ties from the front of my body.

But when i’m in a rush, and want to wear the coat buttoned as intentioned, I always tie the excess material in a bow, and rarely let it flap along my body. The flapping draws attention to my lower half and generally looks less polished. I also rarely use the “fish” shape (though it is so cute!) that is common among many bloggers (see here), because as a pearshape woman I feel like it only adds bulk to the side of my frame and eliminates the synching affect that tying in the front creates. Tying excess material in a bow creates a “belt” feature that further defines my waist and gives a feminine, fun feel.

I am absolutely in love with this coat and cannot wait to pair the black and white stripes with rich colors and textures for Fall. If you have any more coat-wearing tips, please pass them along!