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Pegged jeans for the hip-endowed


Forever 21 top (similar) + belt (similar), Banana Republic skinny jeans, Nordstrom Rack wedges (old but in love with these)

Call me crazy but I think this outfit makes me look taller and leaner. Something about the tight jeans with the wedges and top knot makes me look 6 feet tall in these pictures. “Pegging” my jeans, really just rolling up skinny jeans, was something I always thought was reserved for the ultra thin. The tapering at the bottom combined with the tight fit felt like it would be unflattering. But lo and behold, I tried and by following a few simple tips, this look can work for anyone.



1. Combine the tapered bottom with a top that has some definition but also some breeziness. This mint top defined my waist but still felt etherial and not as harsh as the pegged bottom. Other tops that could work here and here.

2. Be sure the top doesn’t hit lower than your upper hip. Picking a tunic length or longer top will just shorten your legs even more than this style already does. Stick with shorter tops, or even tuck in a top to keep the legs looking as long as possible.


3. Hike yourself up! In heels of course. Some form of heel or wedge always makes me feel taller and leaner. And when the wedge or heel is nude, double leg lengthening!


Are you a fan of pegged jeans? I’d love to see how you style them!

Revisiting: patterned pencil skirt


J.Crew blazer + flats, J.Crew Factory skirt (similar), Ann Taylor blouse (similar), Louis Vuitton handbag

With the weather warming up the last few days in Charlotte, I decided to pull out one of my most colorful and bold work outfits. This paisley pencil skirt (last seen here) is truly a stunner piece, but had me wondering if it was perhaps too bold for my conservative office, and also if the patterned bottom made me look wider.



I’ve discussed the issue of conservatism in corporate offices before, and this skirt throws caution to the wind with regards to that. It is slightly tighter than I normally go, and with an all-over print, it definitely says “look at me!” But aside from the work-related issue, my primary concern was whether it was flattering. After looking at these photos I think the print works quite well. When worn with neutrals the high waist fit and body-hugging silhouette actually do great things for my lower half.



What are your thoughts on the patterned skirt for the office? For those with bigger bottom halves?

Welcome to the purse family: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 via Bib & Tuck


Gap jean jacket, J.Crew top, Ann Taylor pants (similar), Superga sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag via Bib & Tuck, Tory Burch sunglasses

I have been researching Louis Vuitton Speedy bags for months. With its classic design, go-with-everything color, and fold-ability (perfect for my constant travel), I knew it was the best choice as one of my first designer handbag purchases. After trying on all of the Speedy sizes and colors, I settled on the 30 in the brown versus white iconic print. I knew I wanted to buy gently used vintage as the in-store prices are just ridiculous. After many months of searching, I settled on a new-to-me shopping website: Bib and Tuck to make my purchase.


Bib and Tuck is a members only online community, founded on the basis of women “trading” fashion items. Essentially, someone chooses to sell an item on this website (bib it), and if you want to purchase it, you tuck it. Purchases can be made with their own currency known as “bucks” or standard dollars (the route I went with).


I spotted this LV Speedy 30 on sale on the site by one of the members, and after sending her multiple emails asking for more specific photos of the bag, I decided to pull the trigger and tuck it. Bib and Tuck guarantees the authenticity of their merchandise which made me even more comfortable purchasing this bag on their site for an amazing price. Customer service through the whole process was spectacular and I couldn’t be happier with my bag and the experience.


If you would like an invitation to Bib and Tuck I have some to give! Simply leave your email in the comments section and I will send along the information to join! (UPDATE: Invites have run out! I was only issued a certain amount to give out and they have gone already. Stay posted for more invitations as they come)

Review: The best silk button-down for the big-chested, and it’s not J.Crew


Ann Taylor jacket, Club Monaco blouse, Banana Republic jeans, J.Crew boots

The last time I talked about silk button-down shirts was nearly 6 months ago, so I figured I would do an update on my new favorite piece, ever. J.Crew Blythe blouses never really fit me perfectly. If I bought them the correct size for my chest the gaped everywhere else, and often never buttoned over my hips. After much trial and error, and further encouraged by a recent sale, I purchased the Club Monaco Sawyer blouse (i’m wearing a M) in this gorgeous emerald color and am hooked. The chest fits perfectly, it is just tapered enough in the waist, and the bottom button fits over my hips. Win!


My shoulders fit perfectly in this blouse and the length on the arms is only about half an inch too long; something I can deal with. While the same price (roughly) as the J.Crew alternative, I feel like the quality here is better. The silk seems softer and I like that the pockets do not have breast flaps as well. Ringing in at $129 full price, these tops are often discounted and come in so many fun colors. This is seriously going to become a wardrobe staple.



Thank you for reading! xo

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