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Newest Make-up Additions

IMG_6455I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend (to those who celebrate). I spent the majority of the weekend alone, shopping and just relaxing while the boyfriend drove all of our belongings across the country. Since my last everyday makeup post I have felt like my makeup materials were getting stale and old. Brushes were breaking, blush was cracking, and I felt like I just needed an overall reset. I popped into my local Sephora to grab a few new brushes and of course walked out with a handful of items.

IMG_6472One of the first things I knew I needed was blush. My Sephora brand blush that I talked about in a previous make up post actually broke in half so I wanted to pop in and get one that not only was a gorgeous shade, but that had packaging that would allow it to last a while. Every beauty guru knows about Nars’ “orgasm” blush, so I picked it up to try. I love the subtle shimmer and big mirror that comes with the compact.

IMG_6493Along with my blush breaking, my blush brush that I’d had literally since middle school also finally called it quits. I happen to love big kabuki-like brushes for blush so I nabbed this Sephora brand mineral powder brush. It is number 45 and is so soft, i’m in love.

IMG_6496With that, i’ve been wanting a new foundation brush. I have bought and thrown away countless foundation brushes as they either leave the makeup too streaky, or the bristles break off. A Youtube beauty guru that I love, Carli Bybel uses this Mac 188 brush for foundation so I decided to pick it up. The bristles are long and separated so I think it will get into the crevices nicely.

IMG_6501Here is a picture of the density of the brushes. As you can see, the lower one is the foundation brush and is much more sparse and narrow, great for getting into fine lines. The blush brush is wider and denser and will allow for a more general application.

IMG_6485After those essentials, I decided I wanted to take the leap and try out a brow kit. I have never, ever put anything on my brows but everyone talks about it like its magic so I wanted to test it out. I wandered over to the Benefit counter and found this tiny, compact starter brow kit that comes complete with mini tweezers, a powder brush and a precision brush; perfect for the constant traveler!


Another last minute purchase. I have naturally hazel-green eyes so darker green shades actually bring out the natural color really well in sunlight. I love this convenient compact which comes complete with a cream highlighter shade, a bronze for the lid, and a forest green to line the eye.

IMG_6482As I was checking out I made the split second decision to cash in some of my Sephora rewards points for this Tarte lip and cheek stain. It’s a gorgeous light pink color that I think will be great for beach days over Summer. (No online link. Head into your nearest Sephora, it’s a recent reward).

IMG_6487Another 100 point cash in: Clinique Repairware Laser Focus. I am a big advocate of under eye cream for night and am always trying new products. This tiny tester will probably last me quite a while.


Just a few products I picked up recently. What are your favorite new beauty products? I’d love to know!

Goodbye Charlotte


This is what moving at 10pm looks like. I mean, ok, I didn’t actually do the truck-loading, boyfriend did, but it was still exhausting. We said goodbye to our little apartment last night and boy officially drove off to move our stuff across the country. I didn’t think I would be sad but was, actually. This was the first place we ever lived together. The first place we ever called “home” together. It was our first city living together as a couple, where we made our work friends, where this blog was started. Charlotte will forever have a special place in our hearts.

And boyfriend agrees. As a matter of fact, he did say if a little girl ever were to happen (in the very far) future, her name might just be Charlotte. Mark my words, you heard it here. Years and years in advance. A sappy boy that one is.

So goodbye Charlotte, until next time.

Cashmere and Condos (or, well, apartments)


Equipment sweater, 7 for All Mankind jeans, J.Crew flats, Gilt necklace, LV Speedy 30 bag, Prada sunglasses

This is what I like to call my apartment-hunting-all-day-walking outfit. I wore this during our apartment hunt last weekend and it was the perfect amount of warmth and comfort for the temperamental San Francisco weather. This sweater has proved to be incredibly versatile and goes with absolutely everything. I can’t wait to pair it with printed skirts and pants for cool Spring nights. On another note, I recently scooped up these jeans as my first “designer” pair, and I can’t wait to do a full review for you all.



Also, if you follow me on instagram you know I got these epic sunglasses at an unbelievable deal (we are talking 70% off) and i’m so thrilled with them. Everywhere I go people compliment me. Score!



Have a happy hump day and thank you so much for reading!

An apartment hunting weekend in San Francisco

new home

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that the boyfriend and I went to San Francisco this past weekend to find an apartment. After 2 days of extensive searching, tons of walking and seeing some not so desirable places, we found our dream apartment! It is absolutely stunning with bay windows, hardwood floors, a brand new kitchen and the most adorable building fixtures (our lobby is pictured below. Isn’t it gorgeous!?)


photo(13) photo(17)

^Smiling faces! Our first picture together in our new place & a gorgeous home during a walk in Lower Haight

photo(16) photo(15)

 Udon noodles for dinner + Bi-Rite ice cream as a treat!

San Francisco, on April 1st we will officially call you are home! We love you so

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