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Old Navy Floral Wrap Dress


Old Navy wrap dress, Sam Edelman heels, Marc Jacobs + J.Crew bracelets, Nordstrom Rack earrings

As I mentioned last week, Saturday was my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s Bridal Shower. It was held in a gorgeous restaurant in New York and all of her closest family and friends were there. For the event I knew I wanted to look my best while maintaining conservatism, but with some color and vibrancy. I spotted this Old Navy dress on a few other bloggers weeks ago and immediately jumped on buying it. As it turns out, it is one of the best fitting dresses I own, and for only around $25!



Wrap dresses are a dream come true for the pearshape. They hit at the knee hiding any problem areas with the legs while camouflaging the hips and thighs. This particular one wrapped right at my smallest part and had a deep v in the front elongating my neck. With long sleeves to hide any upper-arm problems and a bold pattern to hide any imperfections, this was such a winner. I think this means i’ll be investing in a true DVF iconic wrap dress soon.



By the way, this weekend I also had the distinct pleasure of shooting a few looks with the insanely talented Lydia Hudgens. How amazing are these photos?!

Quickie Review: Gap “Sexy Boyfriend” and “Sexy Boot” jeans for Pearshapes

photo (17) photo (14)

I wandered into Gap this weekend in NYC with my mom and thought I would try on a few things to (hopefully) add to my wardrobe for Spring/Summer. Now, let me start out by saying I can’t believe i’m posting these pictures. They are a) super unflattering and b) show exactly what (super large) sizes I tried on. But, I love you guys so much and in the name of pearshapes, here it is!

First up was the Sexy Boyfriend, tried on as a hopeful replacement for these self-created boyfriend jeans of mine. These were terrible. I ended up sizing up to a 33 from my normal 30…. I mean, I don’t understand what is going on with Gap but nothing fit. Even at a 33 these jeans were wayyy too small in the hip/thigh area and much to big in the waist. Material was stiff and not stretchy and even the length was awkward. Total dud.

photo (16) photo (15)

Next up was the Sexy Bootcut jean in white. I have been searching for white jeans for years. Nothing is ever flattering and maybe i’m kidding myself by thinking i’ll someday find one I like on my body. But please be advised: these are not them. Much too tight in the hip/thigh and didn’t even fit 2/3 of my rear end into the back. No thank you.

So, Gap, I think i’m done with you for a while. Your jeans don’t fit girls with hips, make some that do! (P.S. I know their “curvy” bootcut jean exists but in my opinion it still fits like their other jeans and is cut much too narrow)

For instant up-to-date reviews of clothes as I try them on, be sure to follow me on Instagram!

Make Your Guess: Bridal Shower Style

bridal shower style

This weekend I am finally attending my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bridal shower that I have discussed many times before. I have the perfect outfit picked out that you will see next week (i’m shooting pictures of it this weekend with the amazing Lydia Hudgens!), and it is one of the three dresses above with some combination of accessories. Check back next week to see the results!

And just in case you’re feeling shopping-happy: Old Navy Dresses, tassel earrings, gold bib, grey necklace, Steve Madden “Yelena” heels, Kate Spade stud earrings

Tieks for San Francisco Streets (a Review)



H&M sweater (last seen here), Levi’s Supreme Curve ID jeans, Chanel WOC, Tieks flats in “Camel” (not a sponsored post or item)

I guarantee that if you visit or move to San Francisco you will quickly realize that all of your “comfortable” shoes you thought you owned are in fact, terrors for your feet. I was the flats lady, I owned countless J.Crew pairs and tennis shoes galor and considered myself a girl that valued a good walking shoe. That is, until I attempted to walk the hills of San Francisco for a full day and almost collapsed in pain. Shoes that support, that don’t rub, but that look good are imperative for the city, and also incredibly hard to come by. Enter, Tieks, my new found love.


With fully cushioned soles, arch support, and buttery soft leather that encases your feet, these flats truly are stellar. For my first pair I opted for a go-with-everything camel color in their softest leather. While they have a variety of colors and textures I’d imagine that the standard leather is the most comfortable as opposed to the snakeskin or patent options. The color is a yellow-tinted camel that blends with my skin tone pretty nicely and pairs well with most colors, and I find that the pop of blue in the sole actually adds a level of interest to otherwise neutral outfits.


Regarding comfort, I wore these flats all day walking nearly 10 miles through the city and felt no rubbing, blisters, aching in my feet, etc. They do have an elasticized upper that actually helps in the comfort area. This feature of the shoe keeps your foot encased while not squeezing it to death like other flats with similar design. They fit my slightly wide foot very well and I didn’t find that my foot “slid off” the side of the flat at all, as with others I own. All in all, i’m super pleased and have since recommended them to my mom!


If you’re in a city and need a walking shoe, I’m serious, try these.

Oh, and did you notice a little hair cut action happening above? My first SF haircut. New do: new city!

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