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Why Pinterest?

Running Pins-3

As a blogger I am my own brand. Not only do I wear the creative director hat, cultivating the content of this blog, but I market myself, strategize for my own success, communicate and interact with brands, and determine the most effective and personable ways to share my content of this little corner of the internet that I have created.

One of the outlets that has been the most key to my success has been Pinterest. From pinning pearshape resource tips to recipes I have created, this media outlet has helped me share my content around the globe, and has bolstered this blog.

I mentioned this to my parents a few weeks ago, that Pinterest has been a godsend in the world of blogging, and believe it or not, they didn’t fully understand what Pinterest was. And it got me thinking, if they didn’t understand (with two children who work in tech) perhaps there are brands and companies out there that also don’t understand what Pinterest is or does. So, that begs the question, how would I describe it to a person or an entity that has never used it before?

Pinterest Boards-4

In one sentence, Pinterest is an electronic, global, public cork board. It allows you to save images of yourself or things that inspire you, this action known as “pinning.” It is public in that every image you “pin” can be seen on a live streaming feed by anyone that is logged into Pinterest at that time. The openness and transparity of your Pin is what makes this platform so valuable. Everyone and anyone can see your inspiration, your tastes, things you’ve done or what you have worn, and can “repin” it again and again, thus sharing it globally, to everyone on Pinterest.

black and white reworked 2

A user sees a mustard sweater pinned on Pinterest, she repins it and decides she loves the outfit and wants to recreate it, so she goes on a hunt for a similar mustard sweater. For brands this motivates users to purchase more clothing, for bloggers it means greater reach for the outfit shots they produce, and for readers it means constant sources of inspiration.

mustard inspiration 2

This rapid and creative discemenation of images is truly spectacular, and has revolutionized the way brands interact with users, bloggers with readers, bridesmaids to brides, and so on.

So yes, Pinterest is one of my favorite social media outlets. And yes, I think it is invaluable to our little world of blogging. Are you following me on Pinterest?


*This was not a sponsored post *All images my own, pinned from my Pinterest board *Pictures on the left (inspiration and reworked) source and source

Review: 7FAM “Kimmie” Curvy Bootcut Denim


7 For All Mankind jeans, Madewell top (in another color), Target belt, Nordstrom flats (similar), Scarf from Italy, Chanel WOC

I am perpetually on the hunt for the perfect jean. I have tried almost all low end varieties from Ann Taylor to LOFT to Levi’s, and have never been 100% happy. I decided to venture into the higher end territory as I have literally never owned a pair of jeans over $70. A new denim world! I started at 7FAM because I had heard of their “curvy” line and actually, am very pleased with the way they fit.


The jeans are a standard 98% cotton, 2% spandex but don’t seem to lose their shape with multiple wears. I took these on a recent work trip for 2 weeks, never washed them and wore them often and saw no signs of stretching.

Regarding fit: I find that while the waistband sits flat along my stomach and back, I always wear a belt because it doesn’t seem to fit snuggly enough for my liking. I love the way they fit around my hips and thighs, tight but not sausage looking. I also am a fan of the slightly higher rise. These come about 1-1.5 inches below my belly button which I think is ideal for a non-highrise jean.


The pocket placement of these jeans is also ideal for me. About 1.5-2 inches separation from the middle seam is where I like my pockets to lay for my butt to look its best. I also appreciate the subtle fading along the front seaming and rear. It is enough to show some interest but not enough to draw attention to problem areas.

Overall, i’m a fan. Would I pay the over $200 price tag for all of my jeans? Probably not. While I enjoy these and have gotten a ton of wear out of them, the price tag still gets me. I am just as happy with my Levi’s Supreme Curve jeans.


What is your favorite designer jean brand? Any recommendations?

Featured on Bayside Bride!



I am incredibly excited to share that I am featured on Bayside Bride today! I am sharing a few tips on dressing your figure for an engagement photo session. Bayside Bride is a wedding resource and inspiration site that provides soon-to-be brides with tips for planning their perfect wedding. Engagement sessions and dressing your figure is a large part of the wedding process and I am so honored to have been asked to write on this topic. Thank you Natalie, Becka, and Krista for having me!  xx

Pop on over to Bayside Bride for my full article and other gorgeous tips for planning your perfect wedding.

An Ode to San Francisco: Ideal Weekend Wear

California Weekend Wear

Wildfox Dress, Ivy Kirzhner Sandals, push by Pushmataaha earings, Botkier cross body

With this coming weekend being my first full weekend in San Francisco, I find myself feeling completely unprepared clothing wise. Growing up in California I always had a plethora of floral sun dresses and sandals. However after nearly 5 years living on the East Coast, my wardrobe consists mostly of practical jeans and tennis shoes. Above are a few things I hope magically appear in my closet before this weekend: breezy floral sun dresses, pastel bags, punchy sandals and of course the perfect keychain complete with a palm tree and heart, emphasizing my love for the great state of California.

What is your perfect weekend outfit for your area?

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