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Styled By Boyfriend: Summer Outfit From a Man’s Perspective


Ann Taylor top (in stores or great, flattering white version here), Paige jeans, Chanel vintage flats, Prada sunglasses

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that this last weekend Cesar and I went on an adventure. For the first time in the history of our relationship (or my life, really) I allowed him to walk me into any store in the mall, pick out any outfit he thought would look great on me, and I would buy it and wear it here, on the blog. The goal behind this wasn’t to give up my “right” to choose what I want to wear, but more of an experiment to see his sense of style and flattery from a man’s perspective. Plus, after last week’s controversial post, I thought I owed him one.


To say I was surprised by his choices would be an understatement. Being the frugal guy that he is, he only selected one top and opted for his favorite “tush hugging” jeans and classic flats that I already owned. We started by wandering into Nordstrom where he instantly felt overwhelmed by the multiple “women’s” departments, and quickly made our way to Ann Taylor (again, I was surprised by the conservative choice of store). Cesar operates in a “it’ll jump out at me if I like it” methodology, and typically gravitated towards things on manequins as I think they gave him more of a visual.


He settled on this bright pink top, after having me try on many a not so flattering dresses (to which I kept my mouth entirely shut). The top is in a cowl neck shape (I found out these were his favorite), and hugs in all the right places, as he said. Entirely not something I would pick out for the sheer fact that it clings to some of the curves i’d rather hide, I appreciated his adorable gesture and will wear it with pride.


A dainty necklace and a natural face of makeup, per his request, finished off this basic, everyday look. He did admit to me that one of the reasons he loved this outfit was that it was simpler than most of the items I own, and allowed him to really “see me.” Just call me putty on the floor.

Have you ever done a similar experiment? Do share!

My Journey To Confidence

This is a more personal video for me, and has to do with my journey to confidence. This topic has been highly requested by the younger audience that reads this blog and I am so flattered that everyone regards me as a confident person. I have definitely had my fair share of insecure moments but the few things I discuss here have really helped me become comfortable with myself and confident in sharing the images you see here. xx

Dressing to Combat Extreme Heat


Forever 21 dress (so old, similar here), J.Crew hat, Sam Edelman sandals, Prada sunglasses

This last weekend Cesar and I took a drive out to Sacramento to visit the state fair. I am entirely obsessed with fair food but was a little apprehensive about the weather. It was forecasted to be over 100F and I hadn’t dealt with heat like that since a years past trip to Israel in the Summer. I was sure to prepare, lathering on sunscreen, wearing my lightest dress around my thighs (no one likes chub rub), and donning a hat.



This ended up being the perfect outfit and I managed not to get burned! The hat was a godsend and the sandals held up pretty well.


Though a million years old, and originally costing somewhere around $15, this dress has gotten so many wears over the years.

Video: Evening Hair and Skincare Routine

I have been getting a ton of questions recently about my skin and haircare routine so I thought I would do a little video on my evening routine to start! I have a much more in depth hair discussion I can go into but these are definitely the basics.

One note, I am still learning the video settings on my camera (i’m much more of a photo gal!) so if anyone has any tips about how to clear up the focus (be sure to watch in HD!) I would greatly appreciate it. For reference, I shoot on a Cannon Rebel T3.

Neutrogena eye pads
Philosophy cleanser
Clarisonic Mia 2
Philosophy “hope is not enough” night cream
Estee Lauder eye cream

It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner

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