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The Outfit I Wish I Was Wearing

If I had my wish, i’d be wearing this outfit right now. This jacket and these boots are both on sale at Nordstrom for nearly 40% off. To say i’m tempted is an understatement.

Next Steps for ThePearShape!

cesar changes

Do you remember last week how I wrote that super cryptic post about changes that would be coming to ThePearShape? That change is finally here and i’m sooooo excited! ThePearShape has officially been signed to StyleList! Woo! Let’s all do a little happy dance.

If you aren’t super familiar with the way that this sort of thing works, StyleList is a community of fashion contributors (see me here. yippie!). Along with bringing together some amazing ladies in some pretty cool areas of these interwebs, StyleList serves to help this blog connect with brands that fit the goal and intent of TPS. This is one part of this opportunity that i’m incredibly excited about. I love bringing product reviews and new fashion inspiration to you curvy beauties and joining this community will only help me to do so on a more regular basis, and with brands that I absolutely love.

In short, thank you so much in advance for supporting this blog and those sponsors that allow me to continue my shopping addiction, and share the fruits of that lovely labor with you all. Oh and also, no those photos above have nothing to do with the content of this post but isn’t that face just so damn cute you could die? Yeah. All mine

P.S. ThePearShape is the first “curvy” blogger to be signed the StyleList. If you weren’t doing a happy dance before, cue that now. I’ll wait.

Essentials for Layering


Zara vest (similar), Banana Republic dress (old, but this will be my next buy!), SPANX tights, Seychelles boots (this year’s), Gucci belt, Prada sunnies

When the weather gets cold it’s pretty easy to fall into the “jeans, sweater, boots” rut and not experiment with unique layering. All of the pieces here have been worn in warmer weather but I wanted to pull them all together for a unique Fall look. A draped knit vest has proven to be an essential piece in my wardrobe, as has this stunning waist belt. With these two items I was able to create a whole new ensemble from an otherwise plain black dress, tights and boots.



I’ve also been working pretty hard at letting my hair have a break from heat, so i’m experimenting with different styles. The side pony, braid, etc are all recent tries, but i’d love any further recommendations!



Finally, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: Seychelles was a new to me brand but these boots are phenomenal. Definitely still outside my comfort zone but SO comfortable for my trek to work.


Tibi A-Line Blouse Review


Tibi A Line blouse, BDG High Rise jeans, J.Crew extended calf boots (my original review)(this year’s), Andrew Marc leather jacket (this year’s)(here in Plus), Prada sunglasses

For probably a year, I saw a version of this blouse on Ahn, always admiring the unique drape and style for the office but questioning whether a curvier gal could pull it off without looking huge. Shopbop had a 25% off sale a few weeks ago (see the other things I bought) and I spotted the infamous blouse, in silk, in black, and in my size. I pounced. Having never owned a black silk shirt and really gravitating towards unique pieces nowadays (example here), I thought it would be a great addition to my closet.


For safety the first time, I wore this blouse with all black. When I got it and tried it on I loved it, but wasn’t sure how the rest of the world would feel. I figured wearing it for the first time unbelted, with all black would help camouflage it and ease myself into really showcasing it.


As expected, the blouse is very roomy and has little shape. It has an extreme a-line shape and pleating along the bottom. It also has a high-low hemline providing tush coverage in the back. The sleeves are a full length and don’t fit too tightly around the arms and the buttons around the bust are also roomy enough and do not pull on my 32DDD chest.


This picture perfectly shows why I adore this blouse. Look at that shape! I love the uniqueness, the gorgeous silk, the interesting shape. I envision wearing it with my Gucci waist belt in the future for some additional definition, and big chunky bangles as the weather continues to get colder.


From the back, this blouse comes all the way down to below my tush, allowing me to wear it with leggings if I really wanted too. I don’t find the elongated cut to be unflattering in the rear.


I couldn’t love this blouse more and would be so interested to hear your thoughts.

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