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My Exercise Routine


Photo from my Flattering Workout Clothes post

Over the few years that i’ve been blogging i’ve always gotten a ton of questions around my exercise routine. Namely, what I do to keep my body in shape and to what end I value exercise. If we’re being totally honest and upfront right at the beginning of this post, i’ve never considered myself “athletic.” I was never the world’s best softball player, soccer star or swimmer, but I have always, always cared about my health.

Growing up in a family where athletics wasn’t a top priority, and Oreos took over our pantry, it was difficult to develop healthy habits. It wasn’t until high school that I really took it upon myself to use my job money to join a gym. I started going to kickboxing classes and running almost daily. I loved it, and continued this through college, always trying to get my tush to the gym at least twice a week, and walking a ton.

Fast forward to adulthood, and as I got busier and my jobs became more demanding, I resented spending time at the gym. I hated the elliptical and the treadmill because rather than these activities clearing my mind, they simply gave me an opportunity to think about all the things I had too or could be doing.

In the last year or so i’ve realized that I need to exercise in ways that are fun for me. I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to work, and do this every morning and every evening. It is just over 2 miles each direction, and has been the biggest blessing since moving to San Francisco. Along with this 4 mile walk every day, I made it a point to join a gym that had classes that sounded appealing. There happens to be a gym literally one block away from me that offers Pilates classes three times weekly. I thoroughly enjoy these classes and look forward to the relaxation it forces.

While this routine doesn’t provide a ton of cardio, it has helped me maintain a healthy weight. Along with a healthy diet (more on that in a later post), and a generally happy mentality about fitness, i’m pretty pleased with my exercise routine. In all fairness, I have been trying to add in 1 day every week of pure cardio, but honestly, I really hate it. If anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to know what your exercise routine is, and your thoughts about health and wellness.

Sole Society Harley


J.Crew scarf (Factory version under $25), Madewell blouse (more options), BDG jeans, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Sole Society Harley Stud bootie c/o and 50% off, Prada sunglasses

This outfit is pretty typical of what I wear every day. A basic blouse, comfy jeans and either flats or boots. This time I decided to change it up and try and style a second pair of Spring booties from Sole Society, this time a little more bold with skinny jeans. While I must admit that i’m not as comfortable in this outfit, I do like the concept of booties and jeans.



These booties are admittedly not as comfortable as the Kita’s reviewed a few posts ago. They are a faux material and more stiff, not a walking shoe. But, I do love the three straps across the front and the look of the biker style.


Are there any other booties I should try? Any other styles i’m missing that you’re loving?

Sole Society Kita Bootie


Equipment sweater (here in solid), Banana Republic Scarf (similar and 40% off), Club Monaco dress (updated version), Sole Society Kita Bootie c/o, Tory Burch sunglasses, Kenneth Cole bag (similar), Club Monaco belt

A few weeks ago Sole Society was kind enough to send me a few pairs of booties to try out for Spring time. Not one to be patient, I wanted to figure a way to style these ankle booties for Winter. I decided to go the safe route and hide the ankle length of the bootie under a maxi dress and pair with other muted colors to keep things basic. I’m loving this combo and it definitely helps to ease me into the bootie world.




Remember my review of the infamous Rag and Bone booties? I think the side profile of these from Sole Society is far superior. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, these nude booties also come in black.


The Kita bootie is a manageable 3 inch heel height with a rubber sole, providing extra comfort. The faux suede upper is also comfortable and the side zip makes them easy to get into.


What do you think of the nude bootie? Yay or nay?

The Beauty of Bodycon (UPDATE w/ Sale Info)

Friends. I had to update everyone with a sale that Anthropologie is having. A very similar dress to the one below is on sale for over 50% off. Happy shopping!

Anthropologie dress (this year’s updated version here), SPANX tights, DUO boots, Ray Ban sunglasses

The last time this dress was worn, I mentioned that it was my first pearshape purchase. By that I mean it was the first dress I bought when I finally started to embrace my shape. The bodycon style and shorter length was a bold move, but this dress has paid for itself ten-fold. I purchased it at Anthropologie right when this style appeared in stores and is now reproduced in a new color each year.


Interestingly enough, I feel slimmer and sexier in this body-con style than in any a-line garment I own. I know many stylists and designers recommend that curvy women opt for the a-line style, that this “suites everyone.” While I agree, I think each person needs to find what style works for them, how they feel most comfortable. For me, showing off my curves has become my comfort zone, and in a dress that does such an amazing job of camouflaging any imperfections, I feel infinitely more confident.





Have a wonderful start to your week! And please, tell me, what style are you most comfortable in?

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