Alteration story: creating “boyfriend” jeans


Equipment sweater, LOFT jeans (very old), Sam Edelman heels, Gilt + vintage necklaces

You may remember these jeans from this post. I blogged about styling boyfriend jeans and what accessories I used to make them flattering. I still love a good boyfriend jean but these particular jeans became about 2 sizes too big after some recent weight loss, and were beyond “boyfriend” style. My actual boyfriend went so far as to call them my “saggy butt jeans”… Time to get them altered I say!


Fun fact about these jeans is that they aren’t actually boyfriend jeans. I bought them nearly 4 years ago at LOFT and at the time they fit me snugly. Over time I have lost some weight and they became looser (like the last time I posted about them) and now just unwearable. I took them to my trusty tailor to have a few inches taken in on each side. I didn’t want to lose the slouchy nature of the jean, but wanted them to sit on my hips without falling.



As you can see above, the tailor did a fine job of making them fit my waist but now I am left with some funny fit/bunching in the croch area. The fly is a button fly and therefore inherently creates bulkiness, but by taking in the waist and not the front area, the entire pant fits fine except for the area around the front pockets. I look like a kangaroo with a pouch of sorts.



If I wear a long enough top (like this Equipment sweater which was a total splurge but I loooove it), I can kind of make these jeans work. But honestly, after 4-5 years of owning them, $10 bucks in alterations, I think its time to give them up and look for actual boyfriend jeans.



Lesson learned: try as I might, not everything can be altered to fit.

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  • I’m not a fan of the boyfriend jeans – I think they always look a bit baggy and scruffy. You can’t complain at $10 for alterations! That’s a bargain for sure.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    • thepearshape

      I never loved them either but considering these were too big I figured: hey, free boyfriend jeans! But we will see how a ‘real’ pair look and feel 😉 thanks for reading!

  • Luci’s Morsels

    I have that same bunchy issue in some of my pants. It’s so frustrating because I don’t want to get rid of them. And I “created” boyfriend jeans out of loose and too short jeans too. But I also should probably by myself an actual pair!!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

    • thepearshape

      its such a weird problem! I’m going to try some “real” jeans and see if they fit a bit better. xo

  • misslily

    so many things to comment on. first of all, congratulations on the weight loss. you look amazing. i’m trying to lose weight – the right way this time: at a slow and steady rate of 1lb per week. it’s trying my patience, but in the long run i think it will be better.

    i adore this look on you – the softness of the cashmere (LOVE that sweater!) and neutrals and broken in jeans plus the metallic accents. something about these colors feel so classy (while being effortless – which is the best kind of classy, no?) to me.

    i’m dying over the chanel flats from your previous post…and the other flats you are wearing in the wrap dress/shirt post. flats are never that comfortable for me and i feel like i look dumpy in them…but you are making me seriously reconsider that stance. i think if i stick to a nude/neutral i’ll feel a little longer legged, you know?

    i’m a big fan of wrap dresses. i’m a classic hourglass and they flatter my body really well. nothing like a pretty wrap dress for instant, comfortable style. i don’t own a single DFV, but i have many – from resale shops…to target…to banana republic. i may have to pop into old navy myself!

    wow, i’m so chatty today. sorry.

    • thepearshape

      Thank you for your congrats lily! I did it very slow and steady which is why it has stuck. It really is the best way to go.

      Thank you for your kind words on the sweater! It was a TOTAL splurge but I adore it. It’s so funky and fun yet practical.

      Those Chanel flats are one of my prized posessions and best vintage find. I always thought that because I had wide feet flats didn’t look good on me but once I realized the practicality and how cute they are I got over it and now I wear them daily

      For the wrap dress I think i’m going to have to invest in a DVF dress, at least to try on and review. It sort of reminds me of my mom so I think getting one in a brighter print might counter act that.


  • pippa williams

    Wow … LOVE the sweater! Found you on Leopard & Lillies blog and I am glad she featured you! Congrats on the weight loss and the jeans look great! pippa

    • lhaber

      thanks pippa!

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