ASOS Grandpa Cardigan


ASOS Grandpa Cardigan (more options below), J.Crew Pixie pants, Steve Madden boots, Kenneth Cole bag (amazing option)

I snagged this grandpa bow cardigan on ASOS during Black Friday, and it was a total departure for me. I like to use huge sale days to scoop things up I wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. Maybe I consider the discount an excuse to experiment with more items? Regardless of the reasoning, this sweater is basically what i’ve always preached against as a pearshaped woman. It covers my tush and is shapeless: two no-no’s in my book. However, and this is a big however, the smaller details of this cardigan that make it flattering and unique are what drew me in.



I love that the cardigan is a unique color and print. I’ve been trying to incorporate more new printed pieces into my wardrobe and comfy sweaters are the easiest way to do that. The grandpa style is also a unique shape for me and i’ve found so many unique ways to wear it: layered over flippy skirts, over leggings as shown here or black jeans for work.


The pattern has also allowed me to experiment with pattern mixing (a well documented obsession), and I love how the baby blue acts as a pseudo neutral when paired with an all-black ensemble. The leopard and black of this Kenneth Cole bag pair so beautifully with the subtle blue.


Finally, the length of the cardigan is what truly sold me. It hits about 1-2 inches below my tush, not fully cutting me off at my widest point. It also allows for enough length to be belted with tights or leggings.

Here are a few other oversized cardigans i’m loving for this season if baby blue and bows don’t tickle your fancy:

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  • Beth

    I do the exact same thing with sales, especially with jewelry. I usually take a chance with earrings or a bracelet I wouldn’t normally wear or at least pay full price for. And those pieces often end up being my absolute favorites. Digging the grandpa cardigan–it works for you!

  • Anon

    The sweater is cute and a lovely color so I like it on you a lot. it’s Not UNflattering. But I have a Very strong poison eye for leggings worn as pants. Just too visible with a cardigan. A pullover sweater in the same length would be fine. And I’m sorry but I don’t care for the bag and sweater together. But different strokes for different folks!

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