Reveal: Custom Fit Blazer


Custom blazer from Hong Kong, J.Crew pixie pants, Old Navy tee, Iken watch, InPink necklace, Prada sunglasses, Hunter boots, LV Speedy 30 handbag

I wanted to snap these pictures for you this weekend wearing the final result of my custom blazer in Hong Kong! I just couldn’t wait to style it for work and paired it with my favorite pixie pants and casual basics for a Saturday of errands. The blazer fits so beautifully, it’s ridiculous. I love the length, custom blue and white piped interior, breast pocket and dark buttons. I highly encourage checking out custom suiting, or if that isn’t in your budget, check out some of the gorgeous plaid options below and consider getting them tailored to size.



Here is a close up shot of the pattern I chose. I thought the slight yellow stripes would lend it well to warmer months and the cooler burgundy and navy tones make it perfect for Autumn and Winter.


Please let me know if you choose to fit a blazer. I’d LOVE to see the before and after pictures!

Taking Stock

photo (1)-2

Taking a cue from Sydney and taking stock.

Making: turkey chili in my slow cooker
Cooking: hot soups, hearty stews, and spicy chili’s
Drinking: endless iced tea’s for long work days
Reading: Cuckoo’s Calling because I missed the last J.K Rowling bandwagon…
Wanting: more and more time with family and friends. more hours in the day
Looking: forward to a few months of peace, and normalcy, and waking up next to my love every day
Playing: with hair styles. time for a change?
Wasting: time watching YouTube videos (i.e. the most relaxing thing). So not a waste at all
Sewing: nothing, ever
Wishing: for happiness, always
Enjoying: the way Cesar reads audio books on the way to work and then giddily recaps them to me at the end of the day.
Liking: my time at home
Wondering: when I will get the chance to visit my parents again
Loving: how Cesar cuddles with me for 5 minutes before bed every night, and before he leaves in the morning
Hoping: for more relaxation
Marveling: at the beauty of this city, everyday.
Needing: for cheese and ice cream to have no calories.
Smelling: the amazingness of Macadamia intensive hair masque on my locks
Wearing: my favorite skinnies. All day erryday
Following: only those blogs/websites that inspire me. Time to pare down and focus on myself
Noticing: clearer skin
Knowing: that the holidays are coming
Thinking: about my future. What I want, what it will be.
Feeling: nervous/anxious/tired/excited.
Bookmarking: Holiday cheer
Opening: online order boxes. It’s the only way to go
Giggling: when Cesar tickles me all. the. time.
Feeling: hopeful

Happy weekend, all.

3 Days in Hong Kong


wearing Sole Society necklace, Prada sunglasses

Hey remember that time I went to China? Cesar and I went on a whirlwind, super exhausting but fantastic exploration through Hong Kong, Beijing and Macau. We allotted approximately 3 days for each city and were literally running the entire time.


If you can’t tell from these pictures already, Hong Kong consisted of a lot of looking and sensational views. From the Peak (pictured at the top) to Victoria Harbor (above), Hong Kong is just beautiful, and somewhere I could absolutely see myself living.


The Chinese culture is still so rich in HK even though it is a very international city. We walked through the Temple Street night market in Kowloon and loved exploring all of the open air eateries and little shops.


This is downtown Kowloon (the side of the harbor we stayed on), and we were pretty taken aback that it looks somewhat like New York. Very bustling, lots of cabs and people. The Hong Kong side of Victoria Harbor is even more so like Manhattan.


Perhaps the most exciting thing for me was the emphasis on shopping in the city. There was literally every brand you could ever want and so many malls I couldn’t even keep track. I kid you not I saw nearly 10 Chanel stores while there and could barely contain myself. The picture above is of some bags displayed at Maud Frizon, a brand I learned about from Tiffany Ish!


Oh, and Cesar casually walking through a fountain. Cuz guys, it was HOT.

Creating a Custom Blazer in Hong Kong


One of the things on our must-do list while visiting Hong Kong was to get one custom clothing item made. I knew I wanted a blazer as these are the hardest pieces to fit properly for me, and I have never found one off the rack that was exactly what I wanted. We found an amazing tailor Raja who was written up in the New York Times as one of HK’s top 10 tailors, and we knew it would be a fantastic experience.


We made an appointment for our first day in the city and immediately were sent to pick fabrics from so. many. books. Literally any pattern and fabric/lining combination I ever could have wanted was available.


After choosing a fabric (final pictures to come!) we returned for a second visit where the tailor did his first fitting. He created a very rough shell and I was able to tell him where I wanted it taken in, what shape I wanted, sleeve length, button placement, the whole nine yards.


Cesar decided to get a custom button down shirt made, and was equally as thrilled picking out his fabrics. Like me, he has a hard body to fit!


On our last fitting we were brought upstairs to their amazing showroom to see ourselves in a larger mirror. The show room was so impressive, with gorgeous pieces custom created hung all around.



On my final fitting I had them nip in at the waist, change button placement, and was able to finalize my amount of shoulder padding. It was truly a sensational experience and one i’m so glad we had while abroad!

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