Part of being a larger girl is having slightly wider feet. For me, finding flats that fit my wide feet and are comfortable for a full day of work can be a challenge. After years of searching, I have found five brands that work well and have become my go-to.

1. Salvatore Ferragamo (average price $425): These are the priciest of the bunch but could not be more amazing. They come in wide and extra-wide widths and in a plethora of colors and textures. With great arch support, comfortable full leather upper and sole, these shoes are workhorses for the office.

2. Attilio Giusti Leombruni (AGL) (average price $350): If you walk into a department store and ask for the most comfortable flat they own, chances are this is what they will bring you. Virtually no break-in time, buttery soft leather and cushioned soles make these my favorite flat on the market.

3. Halogen (average price $60 on sale): Cheap one-season flats that come in so many cute colors and textures for the season. I opt for the fully stretch ones as pictured above and they mold around my feet for no blistering.

4. J.Crew Leather (non-patent) (average price $125): J.Crew flats are great, but take some time to break in. I only buy the leather or metallic ones and never opt for the patent leather. The latter is too stiff and does not break in as well, making them more uncomfortable. Once these do wear in they are great for the office, though keep in mind they did only last me one full season.

5. Bloch (average price $100): These flats are produced by the world’s largest ballet shoe manufacturer (we are talking real ballet point shoes). They specialize in comfort and support and as they are newer to the everyday shoe market, they always have great deals.

I would love to hear what your most comfortable flat brands are!