looking back

Photo from October 2012

Part of what I do for myself around the new year is reflect on the year before, and mentally think of ways to improve myself moving forward. It is a really therapeutic personal practice, and one that has helped me grow as an individual tremendously. I want to adopt this practice for my blog specifically, looking back at the last year and making “resolutions” of sorts for the year to come. While I don’t like the word “resolution” (it brings with it too much pressure and expectation for my taste), I always think it’s healthy to have goals. So, with that said, here are a few things i’m hoping to accomplish for ThePearShape in 2014:

1. Redesign the blog: While I LOVE the design I have now (thanks Cesar, love!) I think the blog could use an update from the inside out. I want to find a way to better display my pearshape resources page to make all of my tips more easily accessible to all of you. If you know of any amazing designers, please send them my way!

2. Be more honest: I try and keep this blog pretty open and honest when it comes to clothing reviews, but I want to strive to be even more forthcoming about those outfits that are total duds, and those days when I look not so hot. I think it brings some realness to the pearshaped woman, and allows you all to see that i’m truly just an average girl with some pretty nasty days. Furthermore, I hope to do more posts about my weight struggles and eating habits, as it has been highly requested.

3. Get more into video: I dabbled in video in 2013 but quickly stopped because i’m such a perfectionist. I’m not a master video editor and it bothered me to look back and see things i’d now fix. I want to invest more time into learning video-editing softwares and truly put out some fun content.

Stay tuned for a full recap of 2013 and some of my favorite outfits of the year coming at you tomorrow. But a bit prematurely: thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your emails, tweets, messages and comments constantly encouraging me to continue on this blogging journey. This space has brought me such joy, and I have all of you to thank for that. Truly, thank you.