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Boyfriend Jeans and Pearshaped Bodies

Top: Brooks Brothers, Tank: Banana Republic (one of my Pearshape Essentials), Belt: Madewell, Jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT (old), Wedges: Steve Madden (old)

I have to confess that this is my one and only pair of boyfriend jeans, and they are untintentionally that style. I have owned these jeans for almost five years and have lost some weight since purchasing them, making them fit looser. Completely determined to get my wear out of them, I delved into the daunting task of making slouchy, loose fitting pants look good on a pearshaped body, and discovered it can be done by following a few simply steps.

The length of these pants was unfortunate and incredibly tapered (never a good look), so I rolled them up to give an even slouchier, relaxed vibe. To give a little femininity to this somewhat masculine outfit, and to make myself feel more put together, I added metallic wedges, big silver hoops and a little lip color.

Most importantly, however, is the styling of the top of the outfit when sporting slouchy jeans. I kept the top minimalistic so as not to clash with the rips and dye of the jeans, but fitted to show off my figure. I originally planned to tuck in the button down shirt and pull it together with this black belt but found that it all looked too masculine when brought together. I decided to leave the shirt open to reveal a little more of my curve and instead wear it as a faux cardigan. I kept the black belt to define my waist and added a red hair tie and high, loose ponytail for some added interest.

I honestly hadn’t put on these jeans in at least two or three years but on this hot, muggy day they were perfect! I think i’m officially a boyfriend jean convert.

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  • sarah from toronto

    i love the outfit, especially the sandals and button down shirt. the lipstick is also gorgeous!

    • lhaber

      thank you sarah! It is one of my favorite new outfits

  • Allyson

    I love the bf jeans look. I don’t have any now, but wonder if I should get some. The only problem is with fall/winter. I haven’t seen any bf jeans paired with winter-appropriate shoes. Have you?

    • lhaber

      @Allyson I also love the bf jeans look. I have seen other bloggers pair them with ankle booties or even pumps with patterned tights peeking through the jean. I am planning to do a bf jean Fall/Winter post soon. Stay tuned! Thank you for your comment!

  • alice

    hi! i love your blog and the outfit that you show here. im also a pear shape and i have discovered that boyfriend jeans are great!

    • thepearshape

      I HOPE I can find a pear that work for me! Thank you for your kind words alice! xo

  • Marie B.

    Great outfit and suggestions for our body type! If you distressed the jeans yourself, do you have any suggesions? Thanks.