Buying with a Purpose


J.Crew sweater (similar) & scarf (similar) & flats, JBrand jeans (on sale!), Bag from Italy

I can admit that a lot of times, when I shop, I am drawn to things that are just cool. No particular rhyme or reason for buying a particular item other than I had a visceral reaction to a component of it. I loved the sleeves, the fit, or that it pushed me out of my comfort zone. However, with everyday basics I do try and purchase with purpose. By that I mean that if I see an item on sale that would be a great “base,” I think about what I own that would coordinate with it.


Take this sweater and scarf for example. I’ve had the sweater for years, and when J.Crew came out with the scarf last year, I had instant visions of pairing it with this sweater.



Likewise, nearly 4 years ago when I purchased this bag while studying abroad, I knew that the neutral purple would match with many neutrals I already owned. And lo and behold, thought of this bag when I saw the purple and pastel hues in this scarf. It all comes together.


So while I do love an “interesting” piece, the truth behind it is that my wardrobe is built mainly of basics, purchased with a purpose.

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  • Alecia Zasiebida

    love it. I do the same when something is on sale – I try and envision how I am going to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

  • Curious

    Question: How do you plan outfits that are mostly comprised of “basics”? For example, how could you doll up an outfit with a base of a simple tee shirt and jeans? I have a lot of trouble finding ways to diversify the basics that I currently have.

    • thepearshape

      That is a great idea for a post! I’ll get on that soon. But just as a teaser, I use big jewels, fun colors, or outerwear pieces that make a statement. Also, I love to mix patterns. They may be basics but they can always be put together in creative ways

  • dotty

    that scarf is GORGEOUS! and definitely the perfect friend for your sweater!

    dash dot dotty

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