Holiday Outfit, Featuring Part & Parcel

I’ve recently come to love midi skirts & boots. It’s a total nod back in time, but I think there is something so unexpected and sexy about it.

This skirt is an old Anthropologie love, but my gals at PREMME have an updated version that I own and love.

And of COURSE, the boots are by my brand, Part & Parcel and are wide calf boots made in four calf widths: 16″ 18″ 20″ and 22″, and up to a women’s shoe size 12!

We are currently live on Kickstarter so if you want to snag a pair for under $150, we would be so grateful for your support.

Now, enjoy my moody face and some shine!

Part & Parcel – Launching October 10 (AH!)

Top, Jeans, Boots

Dear Pear Community: I’m launching a company, and I’d love your support.

Last time we talked, I talked about how I’ve been plus size since puberty. It’s what ultimately led me to starting this blog, going in search of likeminded women with similar shapes. What I’ve heard from all of you over the years is that there just aren’t enough options to fit.  

Turns out, it’s not just this community. 67% of women in America wear a size 14+, yet, less than 1% of brands in America carry sizes that serve this woman.

In footwear, this gets even worse. Standard below-the-knee boots are made with a 15″ calf circumference while research shows that the vast majority of women have calves that are larger than 16″. This means that MOST women in the US can’t wear boots.

So I decided to stop being frustrated and set out to change this. And from there came Part and Parcel. A brand founded on the intention of making high-quality products for women of all sizes.

We’re starting with what I’m calling Ultimate Wide Calf Boot. A gorgeous, leather boot available in four calf widths (16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″) and from sizes 6-12, to actually fit women in this country.

As I mentioned, the boots will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter beginning on OCTOBER 10. To learn more before launch, sign up at

If you’re like me and you believe that all women #deservefit please support our campaign.

PS – This is how bad the status quo is today: a leading department store suggests that women who need “easier entry” into ill-fitting boots should literally wrap their legs in plastic bags. Not even joking. See it here. Smh

As always, thank you a million times over for your support. If it weren’t for this community that gave me my confidence to go out and prosper as a plus size woman, I wouldn’t be doing any of this. Your support would mean the world to me.

The Ultimate Wide Calf Boot by Part & Parcel

I hit puberty when I was 9 years old. My entire body changed in the course of 6 months and I went from a girl to a girl in a plus size woman’s body. Since that time I’ve struggled finding items that fit. From jeans to bras to swimwear to boots, I’ve always felt frustrated by fashion, left behind across an industry I loved.

This frustration ultimately led to my starting this blog. In 2011, it became my outlet to share how I navigated that frustration, and how I worked around it. It became my place to share with the world and connect with so many of you.

And now, this blog is what ultimately led to my next adventure. Allow me to introduce: Part & Parcel. A size inclusive fashion brand built and designed by me, launching on October 10.

When I decided to launch a fashion company I didn’t want to start by trying to master everything. For plus size women there are enough fit issues with enough products that I wanted to master something specific, a pain point we all feel. So I sat for a long time and thought about the number one thing I wanted but couldn’t find, and the thing you all always told me you wanted: a great fitting wide calf boot, regardless of size.

So, Part & Parcel was born. We are launching on October 10, on Kickstarter, with a meticulously grafted, high quality leather riding boot offered in four calf widths: 16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″, made in women’s shoe sizes 6-12.

These images are just a few teasers of what’s to come. But suffice it to say I’m SO excited and hope you are too. Sign up to hear more on our website, and follow us on Instagram @thepartandparcel.

Thank you in advance for your support. I love ya’ll and am so happy to be on this journey together.

Fitted Bottoms + Voluminous Tops


Truth be told, this is how I spend most weekends. My husband and I wander around San Francisco dressed down with a drink in hand.

I love the combo of a wider top and a slimmer/more fitted bottom and have found myself gravitating towards this silhouette in recent months.

My recommendation when choosing a more voluminous top is to be sure the pants sit very tight to the leg. I have a tutorial for cuffing jeans and pants here, and still use this method today.






Sweater (old but love this one), Leggings (wearing a size 12), Sneakers, Sunglasses (here in this year’s color), Purse

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