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Last week I did a post about my exercise routine. It was probably one of the hardest posts for me to write. I know people have their opinions about bodies and the appropriate amount of exercise each person needs, but I was seriously afraid of getting some negative emails as a result of being so open. Much to my pleasant surprise, you all were so incredibly supportive and even shared with me your own exercise routines. Thank you!

As a sequel to that post, I want to dive even deeper into “posts i’m seriously afraid to write” and talk about my eating habits. I’m partially terrified because my mom and dad will probably read this and get offended (seriously, sorry parents) but I want to portray my childhood accurately, so you can get a full picture of how and why I eat the way that I do now.

When I was growing up there was always an abundance of junk food. Oreos, cheese itz, poptarts, you name it. My dad had a sweet tooth and loved nothing more than chips before bed and we were a latin, jewish family of eaters. My mom (bless her) tried to get us to eat healthily and we would periodically have “health kicks” but nothing ever really stuck. It wasn’t until I was old enough to make choices and realize the kinds of foods I should eat, that I did so.

Going to college was hard. Unlimited food and endless meal cards meant that I could eat what I wanted. As I said in my exercise post, I also started working out more, so I didn’t gain a ton of weight. Soon after my freshman year I really learned what made me feel good, and I became nearly vegetarian, and watched what I ate. Greens tasted good and felt good, so I ate them.

Fast forward to my senior year of college and I decided I wanted to drop a few pounds. Exercising wasn’t cutting it and my eating habits weren’t contributing enough. I decided to go on Medifast (if anyone has tried every fad diet out there, this is a popular one). Long story short, I dropped 25 pounds in 6 months. It was amazing, it reset my portion control and I was happy. Slowly but surely, however, the weight started coming back. Why? No fad diet is sustainable. It took me trying one, succeeding and then failing to learn that sad reality.

Coming off of the Medifast kick, I started to truly evaluate my relationship with food. At my core i’m a healthy eater. I don’t feel great when I eat junk so I typically don’t. Of course I have my late night pizza moments and my cookie indulgences, but as a whole I eat lean meats (if any), lots of veggies and crap loads of fruit. I enjoy a colorful diet and love the strive to eat well.

What i’ve learned over time is not to beat myself up about food. If I want the cookie, I should eat the cookie. I know myself well enough to know it won’t turn into 5 cookies, and that it won’t happen every day. I’ve learned that life is short, and food is good. I don’t want to be that person that “doesn’t eat carbs or dairy or sugar” and can’t enjoy simple pleasures. I travel, I eat when I travel, I try things. I have a healthy relationship with food and do the best that I possibly can, within the life that I want to live.

I know this wasn’t a “here is what I eat in a day” type post, but I felt like explaining my eating habits as a whole is a big contributor in how I have confidence. Coming to terms with the way that I look was a big step in then coming to terms with how I eat. One impacts the other and I want to have a healthy relationship with myself all around.

My Exercise Routine


Photo from my Flattering Workout Clothes post

Over the few years that i’ve been blogging i’ve always gotten a ton of questions around my exercise routine. Namely, what I do to keep my body in shape and to what end I value exercise. If we’re being totally honest and upfront right at the beginning of this post, i’ve never considered myself “athletic.” I was never the world’s best softball player, soccer star or swimmer, but I have always, always cared about my health.

Growing up in a family where athletics wasn’t a top priority, and Oreos took over our pantry, it was difficult to develop healthy habits. It wasn’t until high school that I really took it upon myself to use my job money to join a gym. I started going to kickboxing classes and running almost daily. I loved it, and continued this through college, always trying to get my tush to the gym at least twice a week, and walking a ton.

Fast forward to adulthood, and as I got busier and my jobs became more demanding, I resented spending time at the gym. I hated the elliptical and the treadmill because rather than these activities clearing my mind, they simply gave me an opportunity to think about all the things I had too or could be doing.

In the last year or so i’ve realized that I need to exercise in ways that are fun for me. I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to work, and do this every morning and every evening. It is just over 2 miles each direction, and has been the biggest blessing since moving to San Francisco. Along with this 4 mile walk every day, I made it a point to join a gym that had classes that sounded appealing. There happens to be a gym literally one block away from me that offers Pilates classes three times weekly. I thoroughly enjoy these classes and look forward to the relaxation it forces.

While this routine doesn’t provide a ton of cardio, it has helped me maintain a healthy weight. Along with a healthy diet (more on that in a later post), and a generally happy mentality about fitness, i’m pretty pleased with my exercise routine. In all fairness, I have been trying to add in 1 day every week of pure cardio, but honestly, I really hate it. If anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to know what your exercise routine is, and your thoughts about health and wellness.

Big Brother’s Wedding


If you remember some bridesmaid posts from last year, you’ll know that my big brother got married in June of 2013. The wedding was one of the best days and couldn’t have been more stunning. The photos were just released and I couldn’t help myself from sharing a few. But please be warned, this is a picture heavy post!


The rehearsal dinner was so stunning. Florals galore on a stunning vineyard in the Hamptons.

HH_106 - FINAL


Morning-of with my sister-in-law’s puppy!


One of my favorite photos. My older brother (right) and my younger brother (the best man!) laughing it up before the ceremony. This one is certainly getting printed and framed.



The wedding took place in the Hamptons. This is the gorgeous dinner after the ceremony. I couldn’t imagine a wedding more beautiful.


The original 5.



Our family is hot.



Congratulations to the happy couple!

Note: the gorgeous earrings i’m wearing and the cufflinks for the men were crafted for the wedding party by jeweler Joan Hornig, my sister-in-law’s mom! Bow ties were crafted by my brother’s groomsman, Baruch Shemtov!

Goodbye 2013

new year 2013-2

To say the very least, 2013 has been a crazy year. In my non-blog related world i’ve moved across the country, started a new job, made new best friends, been a bridesmaid, visited China, and much more. With this, ThePearShape has grown tremendously! We have pranced around with Hard Tail, posed in swimsuits with Freya, skied in Tahoe with Joules, and gotten fancy with SoleSociety. This blog has brought me so much joy, a creative outlet when times got tough, and lasting friendships in a new and scary city. However, most of all it has brought me readers that have touched my heart every day. Your kind words, support, generosity and love have meant more to me than you could ever know. I can’t wait for all that 2014 will bring and am truly happy to have you on this journey with me.

A look back at some of my favorites from 2013 (2012 look back HERE)…

ted baker

Ted Baker Peplum

rachel zoe

Rachel Zoe Sweater

alice and olivia

Alice and Olivia Floral

zara draped knit

Zara Draped Knit

first pearshape purchase

Pearshape Purchase from Anthropologie

sweater dress

Sweater Dress

pattern mixing

Pattern Mixing

pegged jeans

Pegged Jeans

all blue

All Blue

Wishing you a safe and wonderful New Year! I couldn’t love you all more. <3

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