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Fitted Bottoms + Voluminous Tops


Truth be told, this is how I spend most weekends. My husband and I wander around San Francisco dressed down with a drink in hand.

I love the combo of a wider top and a slimmer/more fitted bottom and have found myself gravitating towards this silhouette in recent months.

My recommendation when choosing a more voluminous top is to be sure the pants sit very tight to the leg. I have a tutorial for cuffing jeans and pants here, and still use this method today.






Sweater (old but love this one), Leggings (wearing a size 12), Sneakers, Sunglasses (here in this year’s color), Purse

Questions for You


Okay so, before we get into the details of this post, let’s just take a collective sigh after the last year it’s been. Yes, I got married in 2016 (woot!) but otherwise, this has been a rough year. And gosh, the last month has been just beastly. I’ve had a terrible cold, followed by bronchitis, followed by the holidays. And so, no posts. Womp womp. 2017, i’m rootin’ for ya.

What I really want to do in this post is as ya’ll some questions. I’d love your candid, honest responses in the comments below, or via email (, twitter, instagram, wherever or whenever. I’m doing some research for a potentially very exciting project, and your input would be the most welcome.

1. Where do you shop for leather wide calf boots?
2. How much would you pay for a beautifully designed, luxury wide calf leather boot (think Stuart Weitzman style, but that actually fit your calf)?
3. If you could design your perfect boot, what would it look like?

As always, ya’ll just make my heart sing. Thank you for being you, and for being here.

Review: J.Crew Straightaway Jeans


Top (old, from this post. Similar here), Jeans, Shoes, Sunglasses, Lipstick

You’ll have to excuse another jean review, but when they’re good, i’ve gotta share ‘em. And these are just the best.


They’re from J.Crew and are a cross between a straight jean and a “girlfriend” style: just a bit of room in the hip and thigh, with a tight button front.

The length is meant to be ankle, but given that your girl is only 5’6, i’ve rolled these to achieve the style. My philosophy about length for jeans is that it can always be fixed. If the waist and hip areas fit, just have the length tailored, or roll them.


And last, a quick nod to these shoes, because they’re just gorgeous.

Plus Size Good American Denim Review


Let me start off this blog post by stating that these are far and away the most embarrassing pictures of myself that I have ever posted on the internet. Most bloggers select photos of themselves that are the most flattering. In the name of research, and of serving this community well, i’ve been known to do the opposite over the last five years. Evidence here and here. But, I will say, that standing with my legs splayed in ill-fitting jeans might just take the cake.

Enough about me. On to the review of these very hyped jeans.

The story: I purchased three pairs of Good American jeans. Their claim is that they fit all women sizes 0-24W. They are sectioned into types: good legs (make your legs look good), good waist (high waisted), and a few others. I purchased two Good Legs, and one Good Waist in two sizes: 12 and 14. I’m typically just between those two sizes and all of the websites advised to size down. So, here we go.


First up: Good American Good Legs (distressed) in Black, size 14.

Right off the bat I wasn’t a fan of these. The distressing all of the way up the thigh just emphasizes the exact area that I don’t want to emphasize as a woman with thick legs. Just think about where your eye is drawn. Right smack into the middle of my thighs. Not good.

Next, the distressing was just too. much. Getting these on was a pain because I was so afraid that i’d put my foot right through them.



Next issue with the distressing: when you have thick thighs and the distressing is on your thickest area, this happens. Your fat pokes through the distressing! Seriously I don’t even know what to say about this. I feel like this wasn’t thought through for the thicker audience.


On a positive note, I will say that the front of the pants were quite great. They laid flat and had a high waist, coming just to my belly button (i’m a 31″ inseam). You can see a side view of this in the photo below. It is a flattering front cut.

My one and only point of feedback here: there is no logo or engraving on the button or the grommets. Very bizarre when you’re paying $180 for jeans.



And finally, the back view. I also wasn’t a fan of this view. The pockets are very very small on these jeans, and come up above the lower curve of my butt, making it look like it doesn’t fit into the jeans. The pockets are also set very wide apart. This is great if you’re trying to create a look of a fuller butt, But for someone who has a substantial rear, this wasn’t a win for me.

My overall thoughts on the Good Legs Distressed Jeans: These are going back.


Next up: Good American Good Legs in Blue 004 wash, Size 14

These are the exact same as the style above, without the distressing and in a medium wash.


I actually liked these jeans much more than the ones above. The lack of distressing meant they were more flattering on the leg, and the wash was fairly even. There is some overkill whiskering around the crotch, but nothing that would keep me from owning these jeans.



Overall these had a good fit, minus the issues in the rear just like the ones above. The pockets are small and make me look like I can’t fit into them.

I should also note that length for me in jeans isn’t an issue, as I typically cuff the bottom of my jeans, as seen here.


Oh, and, in getting these on, I had to do this. The “horsey dance” as my husband calls it. Struggling to get the pant up my leg. Not cute.

My overall thoughts on the Good Legs Blue 004 Jeans: These are going back.

My overall thoughts on Good American for curvy/plus size ladies:
I think these jeans don’t quite live up to the hype. The grommets aren’t engraved, the button feels plastic, the material feels thin and far too stretchy for my personal taste. Most importantly, I don’t think the pockets constructed as they are do much of anything for bigger women.

I’ll also say that I don’t think these run large. In fact, I think they run about half a size small. You’ll notice I never tried on the Good Waist pair, as I ordered those in a size 12. There was no way those were getting on my body.

I could probably size up and see a different fit (something I might do). But overall, my $60 Banana Republic jeans still remain my favorites.

Have you tried Good American?

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