My dream purchase, come true


Banana Republic vest, “Feel More Better” campaign shirt, Ann Taylor curvy slim jeans, Steve Madden boots, Chanel Wallet On Chain purse

I don’t even know where to begin with regards to this purse. Anyone who knows me well knows that Chanel has been an obsession of mine for many, many years. I have dreamed of owning a 2.55 double flap bag for as long as I can remember and it was only until recently, in my current work position that I could even dream of owning Chanel at all. I realized very quickly that my budget would not allow for a double-flap purse even vintage and discounted. Plus, with my on-the-go lifestyle I wanted something that was cross body. And so, I settled on the Wallet on Chain (WOC) pictured here.



As a side note, I plan on doing a few posts related to my experience in shopping Chanel but I just couldn’t hold back debuting my new beauty. I wear her everywhere (ask my boyfriend…) and miss her when i’m away on work trips. It’s a weird relationship, I know.

In short, I ended up buying this particular bag from a Chanel boutique at Nordstrom. After many many years of researching and patiently waiting for the right bag to come along on the pre-owned market, I realized that the “discount” I would see buying used didn’t justify the waiting or the secondhand nature. Nordstrom has always been my go-to for amazing customer service, so I put myself on a few wait lists and lo and behold, in just a few short weeks she was mine.


A few follow-up posts to come including: pre-owned vs. new, shopping the vintage market (where to, how, etc), caring for Chanel, and ways to wear the WOC. Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see with regards to Chanel, and, link me your Chanel beauties below if applicable!

Review: J.Crew double-cloth metro coat for pearshapes


J.Crew coat + boots, Vince Camuto blouse (similar), Banana Republic jeans, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

I found out a few weeks ago that I will be traveling to Pittsburgh every week for work for the imminent future. I spent my first few days there last week and to say the least, it was COLD. Freezing. I am a California girl at heart and have no idea how I survived. I also quickly realized that I do not own the proper clothing to deal with such weather. Namely, a good quality wool coat. After reading Jean’s review of her J.Crew Lady Day coat with Thinsulate lining, I decided to jump on the J.Crew 40% off deal and buy this coat to keep me warm in the Pittsburgh snow. While I got it for an amazing deal, and it’s clearly great quality, there are definitely some alterations that I am going to need to have done to make this coat flattering and proportional on my frame.


First, let me preface my review by saying that I ordered a size 12 instead of my usual 10 because I always like my coats a little looser to allow for layering. I cannot vouch for the sizing of the 10.

Likes: I like that the coat is great quality, lined in a silk-like material and the Thinsulate really does keep me very warm. The camel color is a classic and the tortoise buttons are an interesting contrast. The back paneling has curved seaming and a strip of material which creates some definition. The shoulders fit me well (I have standard shoulders), and the sleeve length is just about right. Furthermore, the bottom button closes over my widest part without any pulling! Woohoo! This is my #1 problem with coats and the main reason I ordered up a size. This simple fact makes this coat a winner as compared to many others.



Dislikes: Because this coat fits my hips, of course, it is too wide in the waist. As you can see below, it needs to be taken in about an inch on each side to create that hourglass effect. As it is now, I look a bit like I am wearing an army uniform. The length on this coat is also an issue. It is abnormally long given that I am of standard height (for reference I am 5’6′). It needs to be taken up at least 2 inches to maintain a contemporary feel.

coat edit


Aside from a few alterations, which I am more than happy to pay for, given the great price I got the coat, I am overall very pleased with the purchase. The Lady Day coat never fit me properly (the 12 was too big and the 10 was too small in the hips) so I am thrilled that this other very sophisticated non-belted coat fits pearshapes well. I can’t wait to use this for work trips and finally be warm!


Have any of you tried J.Crew coats? What do you think of the Metro coat?

Details in black and burgundy


Stitch Fix top, Oia Jules earrings, Levi’s Supreme Curve jeans, Madewell flats

A quick post from an outfit I wore out last weekend. I was in love with the details of this look: a breezy top, girly jewels, and stunning (yet comfortable) flats.


This top was a fun piece in my most recent “fix.” If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, you really need to check them out. It is a monthly subscription service where the stylists pick out 5 pieces of clothing or accessories to send you in your box every month, and if you love the clothing then you keep it, otherwise you send the merchandise back. All you pay is a $20 fee every month which goes towards your purchase of any of the items. It’s actually a ton of fun and I really loved all of the pieces in my first fix. For an invitation to the service, click here.


Christmas morning style: Hot pink bow skirt + cashmere turtleneck


Mom’s old sweater, KTR Style skirt, J.Crew skirt and bracelet, SPANX tights, Nordstrom Rack earrings, MAC “asian flower” lipstick

I have been a longtime fan of KT and have read her blog religiously for a while. So when I saw her double bow skirt on a recent blog post, I knew it would be the perfect piece to wear for Holiday parties and festivities. I immediately emailed her asking if she could make one to my size, but asked if she could add a bit of length to the bottom to conceal my biggest problem area (my thighs). She kindly agreed and within a week I had this beautiful, custom made skirt at my door!



I have had the greatest time styling this skirt for multiple occasions.  I have worn it to Christmas parties and most recently, on Christmas morning to festively run around with my boyfriend picking up Chinese food and to the movies. I felt so girly and pretty in it and can’t wait to wear it for an upcoming New Years party with friends.  The length is exactly what I wanted and I don’t find that the bow or the pleats overwhelm my frame or make me look too wide. When paired with slimmer tops, as I have done in the past, this skirt is a true stunner piece. IMG_3016


On this Christmas morning I opted for comfy flat boots and my mom’s 1980’s vintage cashmere turtleneck that she so kindly gifted me a few years back. I added gold baubles and my newest obsession: MAC’s Asian Flower lipstick. For anyone with green or hazel eyes, buy this! It really brings out the color of our eyes beautifully.


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

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