Pegged jeans for the hip-endowed


Forever 21 top (similar) + belt (similar), Banana Republic skinny jeans, Nordstrom Rack wedges (old but in love with these)

Call me crazy but I think this outfit makes me look taller and leaner. Something about the tight jeans with the wedges and top knot makes me look 6 feet tall in these pictures. “Pegging” my jeans, really just rolling up skinny jeans, was something I always thought was reserved for the ultra thin. The tapering at the bottom combined with the tight fit felt like it would be unflattering. But lo and behold, I tried and by following a few simple tips, this look can work for anyone.



1. Combine the tapered bottom with a top that has some definition but also some breeziness. This mint top defined my waist but still felt etherial and not as harsh as the pegged bottom. Other tops that could work here and here.

2. Be sure the top doesn’t hit lower than your upper hip. Picking a tunic length or longer top will just shorten your legs even more than this style already does. Stick with shorter tops, or even tuck in a top to keep the legs looking as long as possible.


3. Hike yourself up! In heels of course. Some form of heel or wedge always makes me feel taller and leaner. And when the wedge or heel is nude, double leg lengthening!


Are you a fan of pegged jeans? I’d love to see how you style them!

Review: The perfect holiday dress for pearshapes, from Asos

Asos dress, Gap belt (similar), H&M necklace (similar holiday option), Urban Outfitters clutch (similar), SPANX tights, Cole Haan pumps

I have never felt prettier, or more comfortable than in this dress. It goes against most rules I have always had for my body type, but feels so right when on. It has a puffy A-line shape, pleating, and came with tulle attached inside to give it extra puff on the hip area. Normally I go with sleek, body hugging styles, but there is something about a looser bottom that allows breathability and mobility. After a few minor alterations and adding some simple accessories, this is my official Holiday dress for this year!

Originally the dress looked like it did above (minus the bow belt). It came with 3 layers of tulle crudely sewn on each hip area making the dress dramatically puffy. When I tried it on my boyfriend immediately said I looked like a cupcake (and not in a good way). I chose to take out the tulle and absolutely love the shape now. There is still a subtle poof to give it that skater dress shape, but not so much to exaggerate my hips.

I added simple accessories like this waist synching bow belt from gap and large bauble from H&M to draw emphasis upward and to my smallest point. Clean black tights and pumps elongate my legs for an even sleeker look. Though, i’m thinking of purchasing a pair of polka dot tights to add some more fun to this already feminine, exciting outfit.

This weekend my boyfriend and I will be traveling to Reno, NV and San Francisco, CA to see some of his family for the holidays. On the agenda is the annual Nevada “Santa Crawl” which we participate in every year. I can’t wait to sport this perfectly girly and festive frock for the occasion.

Thank you for reading!

The Outfit that Should Never Be: Common Fit Mistakes & Easy Fixes

LOFT Top (old, kind of similar), Macy’s Snakeskin Denim (similar), Kelsi Dagger Boots

This past weekend my best girlfriend from college came into town. We have been friends for nearly four years and her quirky style has always been a source of inspiration for me. But standing at 5’3′ tall, with a body type that couldn’t be more different than mine, things that look good on her do not always suit me. Case and point: the outfit that should never be.

I decided to dress as she would for this shoot to show that sometimes trends that look great on others, do not always work on those with curvier bodies or figures that need some flattering.

First and foremost is this top. I originally purchased this top for the sole purpose of being tucked into high-waisted skirts and pants as seen in this post. Worn here untucked it makes me look like I have more of a stomach than I do, and does nothing to create curves.

Second, I decided to “peg” my pants as my friend called it, by loosely tucking them into my short boots. I spoke a while ago about tucking jeans into boots, but clearly this example is not the same and is not nearly as flattering. These jeans are snakeskin printed and are already a little out of the box for someone with a curvier figure. Tucked into short boots in a contrasting color only makes hips look wider and legs stubbier. Finally, the length of the shirt in the back hits at my widest part creating width and adding the illusion of weight.

Now, a few Easy Alterations to make this outfit instantly more flattering:

1. Untuck pants and pull over shoes: This instantly elongates your leg as it allows the pants to continue longer towards the floor, and the boots don’t truncate the leg line.

2. Tuck the front of the shirt into pants: This elongates your leg in the front and keeps the shirt from cutting you off in your widest part. It also pulls the shirt up in the back having the same effect.

3. Pull the shirt off one shoulder: this creates some fun lines and dimension in the outfit and brings the interest back up towards your face and away from the wider part of your body.

How do you “alter” clothes to make them more flattering?

How To: Create a Peplum (and curves) from a Straight Shirt

Top: Zara (0ld), Belt: Target (similar), Skirt + Bracelet: J.Crew, J.Crew, Shoes: Cole Haan (similar)

As a woman with curves I am always looking for ways to accentuate them. I purchase this Zara shirt online a few months back and was disappointed by the utter boxiness and lack of shape it gave when on. I have worn it a few times tucked into high waisted pants or skirts, but on this particular day, wearing a skirt that was just slightly too fitted to tuck anything in to, I found an alternative by creating a slight peplum using a simple skinny belt.

As you can see from these pictures, without a synching belt the shirt completely eliminates my curves. I look boxy on top and much heavier than I am. By adding a contrasting skinny belt at the smallest part of my waist I emphasize my curves and draw the eye to the smallest section. The nipping in of this shirt also created some blousiness at the bottom, almost like a faux peplum. This was great in camouflaging any problem areas around the stomach, making me feel more comfortable when sitting down in this bodycon skirt.

How to you “alter” clothing items that give you no shape?

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