The Outfit that Should Never Be: Common Fit Mistakes & Easy Fixes

LOFT Top (old, kind of similar), Macy’s Snakeskin Denim (similar), Kelsi Dagger Boots

This past weekend my best girlfriend from college came into town. We have been friends for nearly four years and her quirky style has always been a source of inspiration for me. But standing at 5’3′ tall, with a body type that couldn’t be more different than mine, things that look good on her do not always suit me. Case and point: the outfit that should never be.

I decided to dress as she would for this shoot to show that sometimes trends that look great on others, do not always work on those with curvier bodies or figures that need some flattering.

First and foremost is this top. I originally purchased this top for the sole purpose of being tucked into high-waisted skirts and pants as seen in this post. Worn here untucked it makes me look like I have more of a stomach than I do, and does nothing to create curves.

Second, I decided to “peg” my pants as my friend called it, by loosely tucking them into my short boots. I spoke a while ago about tucking jeans into boots, but clearly this example is not the same and is not nearly as flattering. These jeans are snakeskin printed and are already a little out of the box for someone with a curvier figure. Tucked into short boots in a contrasting color only makes hips look wider and legs stubbier. Finally, the length of the shirt in the back hits at my widest part creating width and adding the illusion of weight.

Now, a few Easy Alterations to make this outfit instantly more flattering:

1. Untuck pants and pull over shoes: This instantly elongates your leg as it allows the pants to continue longer towards the floor, and the boots don’t truncate the leg line.

2. Tuck the front of the shirt into pants: This elongates your leg in the front and keeps the shirt from cutting you off in your widest part. It also pulls the shirt up in the back having the same effect.

3. Pull the shirt off one shoulder: this creates some fun lines and dimension in the outfit and brings the interest back up towards your face and away from the wider part of your body.

How do you “alter” clothes to make them more flattering?

Review: Banana Republic Skinny Jeans & New-to-Me Trend of Boot Tucking for Pearshapes

Blazer: Guess (old, similar), Top: Madewell (on sale!), Necklaces: Repurposed purse straps, Jeans: Banana Republic Skinny, Boots: Steve Madden

This outfit breaks nearly every fashion rule I thought I had for myself. I’m wearing a looser fitting top, skinny jeans, and, get this, they are tucked into boots. Mind, blown. For years I only wore boots with tights and skirts or dresses because I had this notion that skinny jeans weren’t attractive on pearshaped women. And in all reality, they can go wrong in many ways. Unfortunate fading around the thighs, a lighter wash, or even ill-placed pockets can just add to width. But these dark wash skinnies from Banana Republic are near perfection for boot-tucking.

These jeans win for a number of reasons. They have a 6 inch rise, concealing any tummy issues and the front pockets are small decreasing the emphasis on the hips. They are high rise enough to tuck tops into, but low rise enough to be comfortable for every day wear. The wash is a perfect dark wash with no fading and the tapering at the bottom is just enough to be perfectly tucked into your favorite boot.

My only hesitation with these jeans was the pocket placement on the rear. As I have mentioned in past jean reviews, rear pocket placement is key. Too far apart and your bum looks wider, too close together and it looks like you’re wearing pants that are too small. These are a bit far apart for my taste but I think they actually do pretty great things for the bum.

I can’t wait to style these jeans with my new Hunter boots for colder months and explore this new-to-me trend!

Frankenstorm Style + Finally Found: Wide-Calf Hunter Boots

Dress: NY&C (old, similar), Scarf: Asos (old, similar), Belt: Nordstrom (similar), Boots: Hunter Huntress

Between Frankenstorm terrorizing North Carolina (thanks Mother Nature for that one), and our work schedules, the boyfriend and I are spending the week (and last weekend) apart. Which for us fashion bloggers means rain-centered outfits and indoor remote controlled photos. Allow me to apologize in advance for the awkward faces and strange locations. After an unfortunate incident that involved my camera crashing to the floor on a tripod, I haven’t quite braved taking self portraits outside just yet. In other news, i’m in love with Hunter boots and want to wear them every. single. day.

I have really, really wide calves. We are talking 17inch circumference here. So Hunter’s standard boots didn’t fit me, much like every other tall boot. After a bit of searching and digging, I found that Hunter does indeed make a boot for us wide-calved ladies: the Hunter Huntress! With an 18inch calf circumference and ever so slightly shorter shaft height, these boots are absolute perfection. While they don’t come in every crazy color that the standard ones do, I was perfectly happy with my Hunter green, admittedly inspired by the so-stylish mama of The Daybook.

P.S. Behold my new headshot below (jokes). I might not be able to take a decent outfit picture of myself but by gosh can I take a face shot.

Winter Cream Sweater + Favorite Boot-Cut Jean

Sweater: Asos, Jeans: Banana Republic, Shoes: B. Makowsky via Nordstrom (old, similar)

Guys I think i’ve found my winter cream sweater. It’s a soft, non-itchy knit, thin enough to tuck into skirts for work, long sleeved to keep me fully warmed, and boat-necked for future fun collars to peak out of. In short, Asos, you win. And the best part about it, it has the most fun bell sleeves you can imagine. Part of me thinks: “hey the bell sleeves sort of balance out my hips!” and the other part of me thinks “be realistic, they are just awesome.”

In other news, these jeans are one of my all-time favorites. They are an old pair of boot-cut jeans from Banana Republic’s curvy line, which happens to fit us pearshapes pretty darn well. Score 1 for BR. They continue to sell these jeans in store and with the perfect, unhemmed length and ideal pocket placement on the rear end, I might have to snag another pair. Word of caution though: the particular dark wash i’m wearing tends to rub off on light colored clothing (read: this sweater), so try and stay away from whites or creams when wearing these pants.

Thanks for reading!

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