Boyfriend Jeans and Pearshaped Bodies

Top: Brooks Brothers, Tank: Banana Republic (one of my Pearshape Essentials), Belt: Madewell, Jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT (old), Wedges: Steve Madden (old)

I have to confess that this is my one and only pair of boyfriend jeans, and they are untintentionally that style. I have owned these jeans for almost five years and have lost some weight since purchasing them, making them fit looser. Completely determined to get my wear out of them, I delved into the daunting task of making slouchy, loose fitting pants look good on a pearshaped body, and discovered it can be done by following a few simply steps.

The length of these pants was unfortunate and incredibly tapered (never a good look), so I rolled them up to give an even slouchier, relaxed vibe. To give a little femininity to this somewhat masculine outfit, and to make myself feel more put together, I added metallic wedges, big silver hoops and a little lip color.

Most importantly, however, is the styling of the top of the outfit when sporting slouchy jeans. I kept the top minimalistic so as not to clash with the rips and dye of the jeans, but fitted to show off my figure. I originally planned to tuck in the button down shirt and pull it together with this black belt but found that it all looked too masculine when brought together. I decided to leave the shirt open to reveal a little more of my curve and instead wear it as a faux cardigan. I kept the black belt to define my waist and added a red hair tie and high, loose ponytail for some added interest.

I honestly hadn’t put on these jeans in at least two or three years but on this hot, muggy day they were perfect! I think i’m officially a boyfriend jean convert.

Solving Pearshape Problems: Wearing a Tight Dress as a Shirt

Top (really a dress): Alex & Alex via Gilt, Skirt: Nordstrom, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Necklace: H&M (recent), Belt: Shareen Vintage

As a woman with a curvy figure, shopping online can either be wonderful or a total disaster. Measurements provided online are great when you know your size, but then every once in a while you order a dress from an online retailer (in this case, Gilt), get the dress and are horrified by the result. I ordered this blue dress (worn here as a top) a few weeks ago in a size larger than my usual thinking it would be a fun piece for Fall. Much to my disappointment the dress was incredibly snug around the hips when it arrived and the measurements provided were completely off. The worst part? I bought it as a Final Sale item. So, it was time to get thrifty.

I ordered this skirt from Nordstrom thinking that it would be the perfect piece to hide the tightness of the dress yet still “go” with the color. When pulling the whole outfit together I remembered that I had this royal blue belt from Shareen’s that was almost a perfect match to the color. Metallic fun heels and big, bold jewels tie it together.

Oh, and how amazing are these train tracks I found near my apartment. I am definitely learning to love the South!

A Shirt Dress That Fits!

Dress: Madewell, Shoes: J.Crew

Anyone with fuller hips knows how hard it is to find a shirt dress that fits. They are either too tight in the hips if they fit the waist, or end up too loose in the waist if they fit the hips. I took a chance and tried on this adorable polka dot shirt dress at Madewell last week and was flabbergasted when it fit perfectly all over (i’m wearing a Large). The area around my hips doesn’t have too much material that it creates bulk and the area around my waist and chest fits with no gaping or pulling. The tie in the front cinches my waist and I love that the buttons are covered with a flap of material.

This dress is also so work appropriate between its demure length and fun, cuffed sleeves. This was an instant keeper. I paired the dress with these fun royal blue shoes I found on major discount at J.Crew.

After looking at these pictures i’m noticing that the bow in the front adds a bit of bulk to the belly, though i’m thinking that can be fixed by tying the bow in the back. But my all-time favorite part of the dress are the slim pockets that don’t add volume to the hips!

Where have you found shirt-dresses that fit your figure?

How to Wear Snakeskin Denim (Part Two)

Pants: Macys, Sweater: J.Crew (old), Bag: Michael Kors (mom’s), Bangle: Ann Taylor (old), Flats: J.Crew

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was drawn to these pants because they act as a fun pseudo neutral. While I’ve paired them the last two wears with other neutral colors, I love that they will work well with every Fall color I can imagine and every metallic under the sun.

This bangle was a gift from my mother and I love it paired with these pants. It just proves that forest greens (and even vibrant pinks like my nail color) will work with these pants.

How would you wear snakeskin pants?

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