Alteration story: creating “boyfriend” jeans


Equipment sweater, LOFT jeans (very old), Sam Edelman heels, Gilt + vintage necklaces

You may remember these jeans from this post. I blogged about styling boyfriend jeans and what accessories I used to make them flattering. I still love a good boyfriend jean but these particular jeans became about 2 sizes too big after some recent weight loss, and were beyond “boyfriend” style. My actual boyfriend went so far as to call them my “saggy butt jeans”… Time to get them altered I say!


Fun fact about these jeans is that they aren’t actually boyfriend jeans. I bought them nearly 4 years ago at LOFT and at the time they fit me snugly. Over time I have lost some weight and they became looser (like the last time I posted about them) and now just unwearable. I took them to my trusty tailor to have a few inches taken in on each side. I didn’t want to lose the slouchy nature of the jean, but wanted them to sit on my hips without falling.



As you can see above, the tailor did a fine job of making them fit my waist but now I am left with some funny fit/bunching in the croch area. The fly is a button fly and therefore inherently creates bulkiness, but by taking in the waist and not the front area, the entire pant fits fine except for the area around the front pockets. I look like a kangaroo with a pouch of sorts.



If I wear a long enough top (like this Equipment sweater which was a total splurge but I loooove it), I can kind of make these jeans work. But honestly, after 4-5 years of owning them, $10 bucks in alterations, I think its time to give them up and look for actual boyfriend jeans.



Lesson learned: try as I might, not everything can be altered to fit.

The wrap top + my new favorite hair tool


Andrew Marc leather jacket (similar), Ann Taylor wrap top (similar), Levi’s Supreme curve jeans, Nordstrom flats (love these)

I never embraced the wrap trend. Don’t get me wrong, DVF’s iconic dress is something I would kill to have in my closet, but I never really had the desire to shell out the money for such an item. Frankly, I never saw the appeal of the wrap and never thought it particularly flattering, until recently. A few weeks ago I popped into Ann Taylor and browsed the clearance section as I sometimes do. Out jumped one of my favorite colors: royal blue. I took this blouse into the dressing room and tried it on, and surprisingly the “faux” wrap look was flattering. I loved the metal detail, the draped fabric, and the low neckline. And after seeing Taylor in a wrap dress (a fellow pear!) I might just have to pop into my local Old Navy and get her same dress, that is until the DVF stunner becomes mine.


A little wrinkled from a day of sitting but still a great piece at an amazing price.



On an unrelated note, I found a hair tool that has become a new favorite: the clipless curling iron. I have this one and I love what it does to my hair. I let my hair naturally air dry, brush it out so it gets all nice and frizzy, and take sections and curl straight onto it. This is the result. Pretty snazzy huh?!


I’m thinking of doing a full tutorial on it soon. Comment if you’d like to see it!

Spring obsession: Madewell floral blouse


Madewell blouse, LOFT jeans, J.Crew necklace, Sandals purchased in a boutique in Greece, LV Speedy 30 bag

I took a rare day off from blogging yesterday and to be honest it felt completely weird! I’m glad to be back and fresh this week with a fun new blouse I picked up at Madewell last weekend. My love for well-fitted silk blouses is well documented (here and here) and i’m happy to have found another option in a print perfect for Spring. This particular blouse has a bit more of a “boyfriend” fit than my standard tailored blouse but when worn over poppy jeans with big baubles, I think it will become a wardrobe staple.



I wore these jeans rolled down this weekend and believe it or not I felt really uncomfortable in them. For some reason very tapered jeans without being pegged make me feel dowdy and thick on the bottom. Does anyone else feel this way? Am I nutso?


Oh, and fun fact of this photo shoot: my boyfriend calls these sandals my Pocahontas sandals! Regardless, I love them.

Surprisingly flattering Zara draped knit sweater


Zara cardigan (recent), Madewell dress (similar), SPANX tights, J.Crew boots, Chanel WOC handbag

Anything that can be described as “drape-y” is typically something I stay away from as a pearshape. As a woman with some serious curves, fabrics and garments that simply hang tend to make me look like a big rectangle, and eliminate the curves I have and love. However, as I mentioned last week I have been deliberately trying to step outside of my wardrobe comfort zone and experiment with new styles. This draped wrap cardigan from Zara is a prime example. While the other two pieces from that order didn’t work out, this piece is a new treasured favorite in my closet.


One thing that sold me about this cardigan was the high back. I tend to stay away from items that are long enough that they cut at the widest part of my body but instead are either shorter or longer than that point. This cardigan was shorter and thus more flattering.



I also really love the versatility of the piece. Worn over dresses and tights in the Winter, or over denim mini skirts in summer (my plan!) I love that this cardigan can work for many occasions. I also plan to turn it into a wrap piece and add a belt for an even more interesting look. Fun fact: I rolled the “sleeves” of this cardigan over to create a different drape and my laugh is a result of my boyfriend ever so lovingly calling me a Rabbi! Ha!


And of course, we must goof off during shoots: Ninja chop!

Thanks so much for reading!

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