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I think living in San Francisco is starting to rub off on me, because if there is one thing i’ve wanted (that I didn’t get for Christmas) it’s a juicer. I love the idea of waking up in the morning and juicing my own drink for my walk. Plus, I just feel so amazing when i’m drinking juice regularly. The only issue with all of this is that I have absolutely no idea what a “good” juicer is. I know that some are “slow juicers” some are fast, I presume? Some are exorbitantly expensive and some are under $100. If anyone juices and can tell me a bit about it, the juicer they have and any tips, i’d be so appreciative! Here is to starting the year of right, one juice at a time.

Most Recent Investment

ray ban aviators

Like most fashion-obsessed women, I have a running list of things I want or “need” to round out my wardrobe. A great pair of wide leg trousers, the perfect black tailored silk blouse, and an Hermes Constance belt are just a few that still remain to be found. However, this last weekend I finally took the plunge on a longtime want: Ray Ban aviators. I opted for the all-black matte option and can’t wait to see how they suit my face. What has been your most recent investment? Anything in particular that’s on your running list? I’d love to know!

Christmas in Tahoe 2013


Cesar and I are not ones for celebrating, especially Christmas. Growing up jewish it has little significance for me, and I have few memories associated with it, and it doesn’t have the fondest memories for Cesar, so this year I decided to plan a little getaway for us. Spend a few days out of the city, in the mountains doing something fun. So off to Tahoe we went and skied the day away!

photo 1

photo 4

As you can imagine, I am the world’s worst skier. Literally. I am terrified of ski lifts (hate the heights), fall all over the place and am the biggest wuss. On the opposite note, this was Cesar’s second time ever skiing and he is literally a prodigy. Went down crazy hills on his second run and nailed it.

photo 2

While we had a great time on the mountain, I most loved the beauty that lives in Tahoe. The gorgeous snow, beautiful sky and amazing trees, I was in heaven. But the best part of all was spending some quality time with a guy that I love with my whole heart.

photo 2 (1)

Until next year, Tahoe. I’m thinking you’ll be a tradition. I hope all of you had a wonderfully fantastic Christmas! I couldn’t love you more.

Thanksgiving Recap 2013


This Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. We decided to change it up this year and make it a friendsgiving, as my closest girlfriends from college were able to fly into San Francisco from DC for the holiday. My girlfriends and I spent the weekend shopping, eating, and touring around the city, with plenty of time for late-night chats snuggled on my bed. I wore these amazing jeans from James Jeans, my Tieks basically all weekend, and a loose-fitting button-down for the actual feast.


We had such a magical Thanksgiving (see details here!) but I must say, i’m so thrilled that it is December. It is one of my favorite months and I can’t wait to continue decorating my apartment, cooking warm meals and enjoying time with family and friends.

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