*Confession: First picture of boyfriend and I together in years. I love it even if it’s terrible

This last week was a rough one for so many reasons. The man above and I just each independently had a tough couple of days and are so excited to be together this weekend to relax and simply enjoy each others company. As many of you know, we are both consultants and are on customer sites, apart, Monday-Thursday every week, so our weekend time together is even more precious. Oh do I love him so

I got an email from a reader yesterday that completely changed the tone of my day. This amazing young lady praised this blog and told me what an impact it has made on her body acceptance and happiness. Her words are the reason I do this. So thank you Molly, for being amazing and lifting my spirits. Your words have touched me indefinitely.

Here is to Molly, and to a relaxing and love-filled weekend.