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Club Monaco Maxi in Macau


Club Monaco maxi (last season, but similar), Target belt (similar), bag from Italy

Quick outfit showing you what I wore while in Macau. We did a lot of walking, checking out casinos and weaving in and out of boutiques. I wanted to be comfy and casual so I relied heavily on this Club Monaco maxi dress. I even wore it on the plane on the way home!


Oh and side note: because it was so hot, under the dress I wore Bandelettes for the first time. If we are being honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan. I can do a full review/give my thoughts if you guys would like. Just leave me a note telling me if that’s a post you’d enjoy in the comments below!

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  • Love that dress on you! I would loooove a review of Bandlettes– always had them in the back of my mind, so I’d really love to hear your experience with them!

    xoxo, Molly

  • misslily

    i learn something new from you nearly every post! i’d never heard of bandlettes and would love a review. thanks!

  • Andrea

    Body glide from a runner’s store applied is easier and you don’t notice it. Also great where sandal straps chafe. It’s silicone that you rub on like deodorant, but it lasts all day.