One of the things on our must-do list while visiting Hong Kong was to get one custom clothing item made. I knew I wanted a blazer as these are the hardest pieces to fit properly for me, and I have never found one off the rack that was exactly what I wanted. We found an amazing tailor Raja who was written up in the New York Times as one of HK’s top 10 tailors, and we knew it would be a fantastic experience.


We made an appointment for our first day in the city and immediately were sent to pick fabrics from so. many. books. Literally any pattern and fabric/lining combination I ever could have wanted was available.


After choosing a fabric (final pictures to come!) we returned for a second visit where the tailor did his first fitting. He created a very rough shell and I was able to tell him where I wanted it taken in, what shape I wanted, sleeve length, button placement, the whole nine yards.


Cesar decided to get a custom button down shirt made, and was equally as thrilled picking out his fabrics. Like me, he has a hard body to fit!


On our last fitting we were brought upstairs to their amazing showroom to see ourselves in a larger mirror. The show room was so impressive, with gorgeous pieces custom created hung all around.



On my final fitting I had them nip in at the waist, change button placement, and was able to finalize my amount of shoulder padding. It was truly a sensational experience and one i’m so glad we had while abroad!