Lipp Boutique blouse (similar), Nordstrom skirt (semi similar), SPANX tights, J.Crew “Harper” boots, Tiffany bracelet

I am always looking for ways to create proportion on my body. Be it with a full skirt, flouncy skirt, or lower neckline, narrowing my waist and camouflaging my hips is my business. In this particular outfit I mixed two contrasting patterns for interest, a full skirt to graze over my hips, and a lower cut shirt to elongate my neck. I also added a Snookie-esque poof for added height. Solid black tights and boots keep the bottom half more streamlined and simple accessories don’t overpower. The end result was a balancing of my top and bottom half, with some cinching in the middle, just what I love!



After looking at these pictures I realized that from a stylistic perspective, patterned tights or more interesting shoes would have been more “fashionable.” However if there is one thing that blogging and dressing this figure on a daily basis has taught me, it is that trends and what might be considered more in fashion are not always appropriate for my body type. I always opt for flattery over trend any day.