DUO Custom Calf Boots



DUO Bassey custom-calf boot

Ladies! I seriously cannot scream this from the rooftop loud enough: I found a solution to wide-calf problems! The kindest of readers in my last post complaining about a lack of wide-calf boots recommended a company called DUO. They are a UK based brand that makes custom width boots for ladies with wide or thin calves. Absolutely desperate for a pair high heeled leather boots, I ordered these Bassey’s and love them. The calf circumference fits me amazingly, the heel is a perfect 4 inches with a 1 inch platform, and the leather is so supple.

This particular style is a zip on with the zipper at the back of the calf. The heel is stacked and the toe is a gorgeous round almond shape. The interior is lightly padded making them great for colder weather and the sole is also lightly padded for walkability. I seriously couldn’t recommend checking out this brand more.

P.S. totally not a sponsored post, I just love this brand!

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  • http://www.diyfatshion.com/ Dani

    Yay, so glad you gave Duo a shot! :D And you picked the same boots I’ve been eyeing as well, lol. They look amazing!

    • thepearshape

      yes! I’m SO excited! They fit amazingly and i’m already dreaming about what pair i’m going to get next. Can we say over-the-knee?

  • Undomesticatedgoddess

    I’ve bought Duo boots for years and am lucky to live near a store. Fantastic boots, great styles and brilliant quality. I have 14 pairs!

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