Fashion bucket list item purchased: Ferragamo “vara” pump for work


J.Crew silk top, Zara dress (similar), Ferragamo “vara” bow pump, Stitch fix + J.Crew bracelet, Gorjana rings

This week was one of classic purchases and scratching items off longtime wishlists. These Ferragamo Vara bow pumps were high on the list of loves for years. My dad, a longtime lover of Ferragamo shoes for men, always said that when I was old enough, I could wear the beautiful bow pumps I saw on mannequins in the women’s department. That was years ago, and more recently, after seeing them on Jean quite a few times, I decided to truly begin my hunt. These bow pumps retail for almost $500, very expensive for a work shoe in my humble opinion. I knew they would go on sale at some point and decided to be patient and price watch. It was a few weeks ago during one of Bloomingdale’s sales that the price of these shoes dropped to around $300 that I decided to pull the trigger, and i’m in love.




I decided to go with the Vara 1″ heel pump versus the popular Varina flats simply for a bit of interest. My love for flats is well documented and I thought this low heel version would make for an interesting contrast to my growing flats collection. I have actually tried on the Varina before and have found that the Vara is actually more comfortable.



The low heel provides extra support and I found they break in a bit easier. The patent leather is definitely more durable than standard leather, but fair warning that they do take some time to mold to your foot.


In other news, I love the idea of mixing colors in the same family and reworked this dress worn during summer for a Winter look by pairing a silk top. I’ve been using my basic Blythe silk blouses as cardigans or layering pieces to get more life out of expensive work staples.


Have you purchased any Ferragamo shoes? Which are your favorites?

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  •’s a question for the shorter dresses that you you always have shapewear underneath? If not, do you ever get chub rub :(? [Sorry if it TMI]

    • lhaber

      @Pragnya haha! Not at all TMI, good question. I actually only get irritation with skirts or dresses that are tight on my thighs and push them together. With looser fitting dresses like the one in this post my legs are free and i’m actually just fine. I’m planning to do a full post on shapewear and the secrets under my clothes ;} soon. Thanks for reading!

  • misslily

    i had black patent varas many, many years ago. loved them and wore them all the time – until i thought they weren’t ‘hip’ any more. silly me. i literally *just* pinned some varas to my wish list. i love yours! i think they are a really wise investment for your conservative workplace. this is gonna sound nutty, but i swear the toe box of my old pair was more square (like the current ‘my flair’ or ‘my charm’ style), and less of an almond like the varas have now. i have a wide foot and think a squarer toe box would work better for me. i’m also obsessed with the idea of getting a nude patent. i also like the ‘glory’ slides. so cute and ladylike. i also like the heeled platform sling back with the vara bow (not sure of the name of this shoe…’tea’?). i’m gonna do a ton of research and make sure i get just what i want (width, color, heel height) before i pull the trigger. this time around, i know i’ll have them forever.oh, and i thought i was the only person who found heeled shoes more comfortable than flats. i love the way flats look, but they are never truly comfortable for me.

    • thepearshape

      Thanks for your comment Lily! I agree that the Vara’s have a more almond and even thinner toe box, and as someone with a slightly wide food I thought this would be an issue but it isn’t. they have been surprisingly easy to break in and are AMAZING for the workplace. I’d highly suggest another pair for you 😉

  • Brick lane in East London has heaps of vintage boutiques with pairs and pairs of Ferragamo shoes – weird. who’s giving away all their Ferragamos? I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for flats – but that’s just me. These shoes look super cute on you and if you’re going to get the wear out of them – for work – then it’s an investment 🙂

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • imperfctconcept

    Loving those ferragamo’s. Super classic great for almost any look

    • lhaber

      agreed 🙂

  • So I came across your blog as I googled “Ferragamo Vara wide foot” lol. I have been obsessing about purchasing a pair but hesitant bc they look so narrow. I am plus size and have a slightly wider foot but it looks like these would be totally doable. I’m so glad your blog was suggested. New follower here!!!

    • thepearshape

      Thanks sandee!

  • Rena

    The dress looks great on you! Love the red.

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