LOFT Jacket (similar from Banana Republic), H&M dress (similar splurge-worthy), Cache belt (similar), Slips (bottom & top) gifted from Grandma

I want to start a new series on TPS that discusses popular fashion trends that pearshapes wouldn’t otherwise wear, and my solution to be able to wear them comfortably and proudly. I talk a lot about how I purchase items that work for my body type rather than fit a trend, but sometimes both of those things can be accomplished. Buying pieces and tweaking them to look great on a pearshaped body can be done, and this series: Fashion Trend, Pearshape Solution will show you how!

For many years I bought dresses and skirts because they were “on trend” rather than flattering for my figure. This light pink H&M number is a prime example of a dress that still fits fine, but is a few inches too short for my current comfort level. Rather than throwing out dresses like these, I have found a way to lengthen them and give them new life.


About a year ago my Grandma surprised me by gifting me her vintage Dior slips. In 100% silk with true hand-stitched lace seaming, these pieces are stunning and add such character to any outfit. The slips that I am wearing in these photos are a pencil skirt slip that reaches past my knees when worn full length, and a cropped tank top slip that I layered under the dress for added coverage. I have worn this set under a number of different dresses and skirts and love that it gives added length and coverage, with a bit of vintage flare. I feel like this old H&M dress that I was ready to give away has a new life and new purpose.


I went with black and white accessories for a mod feel. This jeweled belt I pulled off an old Cache dress was perfect to make it festive and not frumpy.


This photo makes me realize that I need to come up with a more permanent way to get the bottom slip to stay up higher on my waist. Pinning it and tucking it under my belt doesn’t seem to be working. Though this does give you a better idea of how gorgeous these blush pieces really are. I’m so in love. Thanks Grandma!


Slips don’t have to be vintage to do the job. This one from Topshop would be a great option, or scouring any Goodwill or thrift shop should bring some great results for these types of undergarments.

Thank you for reading!