One of the goals of thepearshape is to promote body/figure acceptance. The Feel More Better campaign gets at the heart of body acceptance and is a cause I support wholeheartedly.

The Feel More Better campaign that I posted about briefly a few weeks back is dedicated to making the world an easier place for women and girls to feel better about themselves. They educate the public about photoshopping in public images and about the negative effects it can have on young women and girls. Often photographs we see in magazines and newspapers aren’t accurate depictions of the women/men in them. Models and celebrities are photoshopped down to an “ideal” and then mass distributed to the public.

To support the campaign I ordered one of their signature t-shirts and styled it for a Sunday afternoon of errands and lunch with family. Needless to say, I got a lot of questions an comments on this shirt and was so happy to give more details about the cause.

In the spirit of not being afraid to show our true selves, here is an outtake from this photoshoot that shows me in all my glory. Glamorous, huh? I thought you’d think so.