Sweater + Shirt + Leggings (purchased in a size 10R): J.Crew, Boots: Banana Republic (old), Earrings: Nordstrom Rack

When you’re a little bigger on the bottom, skin tight anything is nerve wracking. Enter fashion fad nightmare: the legging. When the leggings trend really hit, I was very cautious about what I wore, never wearing anything too tight that would show as unflattering.  But recently I was sent on a work trip to Fargo, ND for 4 weeks, and realized that I needed something ultra warm to be worn tucked into leather boots that would shield me from the extreme cold. Enter the absolute perfect solution, and the solution to leggings for pearshapes: the J.Crew Pixie “Pant”

While J.Crew likes to call these their Pixie “pant”, I like to think of them more as leggings. They are much tighter than anything I would wear as a regular pant, they taper at the bottom, and are extremely stretchy with no pockets and little seaming. However, my favorite feature of these pants is the thicker material. The woven ponte knit material is thick enough to be worn on the coldest of days with no fear of showing underwear through thin material. And, the best part: these leggings act almost as shape wear  When purchased a size down (i’m wearing a 10, and am usually a 12 at J.Crew), they hug in all the right places and allow me to feel tight and pulled together, with no jiggling or movement.

The leggings have two seams down the back of each leg that create a nice, slimming silhouette and even a zipper up the back that keeps them firmly in place. While you can’t see it in these pictures, the waistband on these pants is extremely high (almost at the smallest point of my waist) which acts as a tummy and back shaper under thinner tops and is much more comfortable for those with smaller mid sections but thicker bottom halves.