Last week I posted about a big thing: Part & Parcel is alive and well, and about so much more than just boots. I am overwhelmed by your support and am so excited to share more about the additional products we’ve created, and invented!

Last year we launched a boot on Kickstarter. It was a gorgeous, wide-calf, black, flat leather riding boot and we sold it for under $200 (!).

Except we added a profound twist: knowing that not all “wide calves” were created equal, we added a layer of size dimension to it, offering the boot in 4 calf circumferences, getting each wearer as close to her perfect fit as possible. And you all LOVED IT! We sold 450 pairs almost instantly.

But what was most interesting out of that experience was the joy you all expressed about this novel idea of offering products with different size dimensions where it counts: biceps, calves, bust, body shape. When I packed each shoe box I slipped my phone number inside: I wanted to hear from you directly. And you responded came out! I received countless text messages asking for other products that had this kind of size dimensionality: blazers and blouses and belts.

It sparked an idea: men get to shop by sleeve length and neck circumference, why can’t we have dimension on our products when and where we need them? That began the next phase of Part & Parcel: I found the most amazing team and we invented Dimensional Sizing(™): soon, you’ll be able to buy a blazer in your size and opt for an option with a little more room in the bicep if you need it., or average room in the bicep. Soon you’ll be able to buy a dress that fits your body shape (apple? Pear? Both? – we’ve got you covered)., Nneed more room in the bust? Choose Buy your regular base size of 1x, 2x etc, andbut opt for the version with extra room in that area…, and the list goes on.

This has never existed for women of any size before, and we’re so honored to bring it to plus size women exclusively. All apparel made by Part & Parcel is available in sizes 14-36 (0x – 6x) and all shoes (we’ve got more coming) will be available in sizes 7-13 and every half size in between, all exclusively in wide- widths.

Love it? Us too. Want to shop? Visit us at Fill out our “Find a Partner” form and we will match you with a Partner who understands you! Welcome to a more personal way to shop.