Jacket: Zara (old), Tank: Banana Republic, Belt: Target, Jeans: Ann Taylor Curvy Slim Denim (wearing a size 10)

I will be the first to admit that before this blog I was more timid to take fashion risks. I shied away from patterned pants, didn’t sport A-lined skirts, and most definitely did not wear colored denim. A few weeks ago Ann Taylor had a 40% off everything sale and I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to take a fashion risk. And risk I did, with “pomegranate” pants!

Much to my surprise, this pants are fantastic for a number of reasons. First, Ann Taylor truly caters to pearshapes in that they carry their colored denim line in “curvy fit” with a “slim” instead of a “skinny” tapering (always a plus for those with larger bottom halves). What this means is that the pants come cut with more room in the hips, thighs, and rear end, and narrow more at the waist than standard pants. This helps remove the unsightly gaping at the waist and keeps our legs from looking like sausages in jeans. The slightly wider opening at the bottom is also helpful as it balances out the fullness of the hips.

What really sold me on keeping these pants was the placement of the pockets on the back. Those with larger rear-ends have to be ultra conscientious of back pocket placement. Pockets that are put too high make our rears look bigger, too low and it looks saggy, too far apart and we look wider. These pockets are placed beautifully, covering low enough on the rear end to be perfectly flattering. Love. Thank you Ann Taylor for getting it right!

While the pants are a bit long, they run true to size (and are only available online, so this is great), I am absolutely in love with them and might have to head back for another color. I’m especially loving the “luminous yellow” and “deep verdite” for Fall.

What do you think of colored denim?