Prada sunglasses, Jessica Simpson dress, Superga sneakers, Nars lip pencil

A few things: 1) I’m obsessed with this dress. 2) Can we talk about how my legs blend in with my shoes… and the concrete? Someone needs a tan! 3) Sneaks and tennis shoes are the best.


I think I was originally inspired to wear sneakers with flirty dresses from Maegan. This is something she does often and I just love the contrast of casual and sophisticated. My recommendation when doing this would be to wear a dress with a more casual material (read: cotton) but a flirty shape (read: not pencil skirt).


This particular dress is amazing. The shoulders are padded balancing the hips, and the skirt is a full skater but is still long enough to be comfortable. The v-neck is so flattering and the paneled seaming is superb. My only recommendation with this one: don’t eat a huge meal beforehand. My little bump is the result of some yummy home made Chinese!


Thanks so much for reading!