This weekend my boyfriend ever so kindly flew to Fargo to visit me during my 4 week long work trip, and we took a drive together to Minneapolis, which is about four hours away. Both of us were eager to see the famous Mall of America, do some shopping and generally explore a part of the country otherwise unfamiliar to us. I was embarrassingly excited for the Mall and did plenty of shopping while we visited. But aside from the 3 mile long strip of stores, Minneapolis as a city proved to be beautiful and open, and provided the perfect escape for a weekend.

The Mall boasts both an indoor theme park as well as golf course and aquarium.

It really was just as massive as you would imagine and took us nearly 7 hours to walk through and absorb. And of course, I had to get an obligatory picture in front of the famous sign.

But perhaps the best part of the weekend was the drive to and from the city with my boyfriend. Taking our time winding the beautiful highway, stopping at every food stand and pasture we wanted to explore, I absolutely loved the adventure. One of my boyfriend’s “musts” while in this part of the country was a pit stop at White Castle, a notorious fast-food stand famous for being in the movie “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” I had never tried the food and regardless of its fame in the movie, I will absolutely not be a White Castle convert (and trust me, I looove fast food. So yes, it was that bad)

The drive was gorgeous and was dotted with endless corn fields and pastures to play in. Stay tuned for an outfit post in the corn fields and also a detailed shopping post of my time at Mall of America!