Gap Dress, SPANX tights, DUO boots, Ray Ban aviators

Towards the end of 2013 I made the decision to change the way I thought about shopping. Running a blog can be quite expensive and can definitely increase the temptation to purchase frivolously. With that, in preparation for changing my habits I opted to spend nothing the entire month of January when it came to clothing or accessories. I did quite well the first 24 days, until I spotted this dress, for 50% off, in my size. All hell broke loose and I succumbed, but I think by these pictures you’d agree it was a worthwhile expense.



I adore this dress. From the stiff cotton material to the flared silhouette and the three quarter length sleeves, it is a curvy girl’s dream. I opted for the bolder blue and black stripe rather than the more Summer appropriate blue and white, but would honestly considering going back for the latter as well.


The dress feels so well made with a hidden zipper and clasp up the back. I am wearing a size 10 here but could have maybe gotten away with an 8, so take note that it does run about half a size big. I love the high neckline as it lends itself amazingly to jewelry, and the length is my ideal at about 3 inches above the knee. This still allows for comfortable wear with bare legs.


While i’m back on my shopping ban, I had to share this amazing steal with you and hope you’ll consider snagging it at Gap’s next blowout sale.