Well, friends. It’s been a minute. You could say the greatest, most wonderful minute of our entire journey on this little corner of the internet.  I’m so thrilled to be writing, to be sharing a few updates and all that is to come with you, my favorite community. AND – you may have noticed that this space has gotten a facelift! More about that, below.

Let’s back up for a minute – I want to share a bit about how this blog has inspired me over the last decade or so. When I was a young 20-something I opened this space. I was unsure of what it’d become, but desperate for community, for connection and to find a group of people that understood me and what I was going through.

What resulted was so much more: a community of supporters of all ages, shapes, and geographies. You understood what it felt like to walk into an interview wearing a men’s suit because the retail market sold nothing that fit. You understood what it felt like never to find a boot that would fit over your calf and wondered why. You shared your stories and they’ve never left me.

I found community, but I often wondered why everyone couldn’t experience the camaraderie I’d found.  So about 18 months ago I sought to change that.

I conceptualized Part & Parcel: a place where plus size women, exclusively, could find community, support, great product, and most importantly, shared prosperity. Last November I started with the product piece: I launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product we’d all long talked about needing: a black, leather riding boot in a wide calf.

And you know what, it completely took off! We sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of boots in one day, Forbes wrote about us, and Intuit named us a small business of the year. But most importantly, I received texts from you like the one below. They touched me and it was AMAZING.

But at the core, ThePearShape and now Part & Parcel has always been about more than just fashion. It’s always been about connection and community and uplifting each other.

With that deep in my heart, i’ve built Part & Parcel – an entire world built with the singular goal of helping plus size women thrive. On May 14th we are launching a big, giant, amazing thing and I will share more about all that we will become. ThePearShape will become a part of Part & Parcel and i’m so excited to bring these communities together.

More details to come, more products to share, but in the meantime, thank you so much for your love and support. Questions? Drop me a line: lauren@partandparcel.comWith all my love,