JBrand high-waist skinny jeans, Pour La Victoire wedges

My recent discovery of the flattering nature of pegged jeans has been well documented these last few months. There is something about rolling up an already tight, skinny jean that makes me feel Summery, yet put together. I have found, though, that rolling jeans in any way does not give the same streamlined look to the leg, but rather following a simple formula always provides a flattering effect.

IMG_7336-2 IMG_7338-2

Step 1: Start with very skinny, tapered jeans. The skinnier the better. Be sure they are approximately the right length for you or you will end up with a ton of bunchy fabric

Step 2: Roll up the base of the jean to the point where your calf begins to get wide. You should struggle to pull the cuff up any further as your calf is too wide.

IMG_7340-2 IMG_7356-2

Step 3: Fold over the lower half of the folded jean leg, as shown. This should decrease the amount of fold by one half.

Step 4: The result should be an about 1.5-2 inch double fold about 3-4 inches above the base of your ankle


Step 5: I like the “messier” cuff look. If you prefer a cleaner line (which I personally don’t think is as flattering or chic), stop above. For a messier look, scrunch half of the folded area up a bit, pull the end of the jean out of the fold to expose it. This creates an effortless vibe. Repeat on the other leg.


Voila! The result is a not-so-perfect, perfect cuff. Examples of a full outfit with this look can be found here and here.

I find that the messier cuff creates a more streamlined leg, rather than a “prettier” cuff that creates just a solid stripe of different colored fabric hovering around the ankle. Β Let me know if you give this a try! How do you cuff your jeans?