This past weekend the boyfriend and I decided to meet up with some friends in Las Vegas on a little impromptu vacation. We absolutely love Las Vegas (the bf is from Nevada) and visit quite often. Our friends had never been and I had such a great time showing them the fashion splendor, eclectic drink and food options, and the glorious themed hotels. Apologies for some of the slightly blurry photos that follow. I guess this is the result when you give someone else your camera!

One of my absolute favorite parts of Las Vegas is the shopping. While I rarely spend my time purchasing anything, I love to walk around and take in the sites and the hustle of the people through the ornate malls. Every brand imaginable has a flagship store in Las Vegas making it as close to heaven as possible for a blogger. (P.S. I almost made my dream purchase (for the moment) in the Chanel boutique at the Bellagio but couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger).

One of our favorite things to do while walking the strip is sip on a cup of cold Fat Tuesdays. It is a Las Vegas staple that consists of slightly alcoholic slushies that come in every flavor under the sun. I always opt for the “orange dream” in their smallest size and love how it cools me down in the 100+ degree heat outside. It is one of our fun LV rituals and our friends loved trying it.

To walk around all day I opted for a simple outfit: my favorite Banana Republic tank (reviewed here) and my Nordstrom junior’s department striped skirt that is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple. My $12 Nordstrom Rack Juicy Couture earrings finished off the outfit.

Stay tuned for pictures of our visit to the Ceaser’s Palace’s new buffet: the Bacchanal. Newly opened and voted the best buffet in the world. Needless to say I took a million pictures and ate until I couldn’t breathe.