Lululemon Wunder Under Pant


Lululemon Wunder Under pant, Steve Madden boots, Alexander McQueen bag, LOFT top (old), Zara vest (old)

Call me a fashion sinner, but i’m SO obsessed with Lululemon’s Wunder Under pant that I wore them in public and wasn’t headed to the gym… Reserve your judgement! Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of comfort. I spend all week in fashionable, restricting pieces that on the weekend I just want stretchy pants. Sue me.

The one caveat I will make is that I always try and wear layers on top to contrast the tighter bottom. I’ve invested in quite a few tunics and longer pieces to create a little more modesty in outfits like this.


Also. Mirrored sunglasses? Hello, obsessed.


Ok, so tell me. How much of a fashion sinner am I? Have you ever worn workout pants during the day? Tell me you understand my thought process.

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  • Rosario

    Your not a fashion sinner and neither am I, we just like to dress comfortably. This is so refreshing to read an article that supports wearing leggings outside the gym, you made me smile!! I love my Lululemon wunder unders that’s why I own 4 pairs plus about another 45 pairs of leggings/tights. I don’t ever go to the gym but I wear wunder unders casually and almost everyday leggings of some nature. My friends and family give me a hard time because I wear them as pants but as long as they’re not see through who cares, right? My boyfriend is very supportive so I have at least one friend to fall back on. I think you look great in your Lululemon tights they suit you so perfectly. What’s so wrong with this look and if someone doesn’t like then look the other way I am going for comfort.

    • lhaber

      thank you for your support Rosario!

  • Kerry

    I’m all for dressing for comfort and I don’t mean to be a hater, but I still just can’t with the leggings as pants. My eye is immediately drawn to the crotch where things are fairly well outlined in pants this tight. I can’t help it. In a tunic shirt or under a short skirt or dress? Sure! Go for it! Maybe it’s just me being a grandma.

  • Dina Brown Sherwood

    I’m all for comfort and I’ll wear tight leggings and such but only if my shirt covers any overly-revealing areas. I’m thinking of ordering the Betabrand yoga pants to see how well I like those.

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