My dream purchase, come true


Banana Republic vest, “Feel More Better” campaign shirt, Ann Taylor curvy slim jeans, Steve Madden boots, Chanel Wallet On Chain purse

I don’t even know where to begin with regards to this purse. Anyone who knows me well knows that Chanel has been an obsession of mine for many, many years. I have dreamed of owning a 2.55 double flap bag for as long as I can remember and it was only until recently, in my current work position that I could even dream of owning Chanel at all. I realized very quickly that my budget would not allow for a double-flap purse even vintage and discounted. Plus, with my on-the-go lifestyle I wanted something that was cross body. And so, I settled on the Wallet on Chain (WOC) pictured here.



As a side note, I plan on doing a few posts related to my experience in shopping Chanel but I just couldn’t hold back debuting my new beauty. I wear her everywhere (ask my boyfriend…) and miss her when i’m away on work trips. It’s a weird relationship, I know.

In short, I ended up buying this particular bag from a Chanel boutique at Nordstrom. After many many years of researching and patiently waiting for the right bag to come along on the pre-owned market, I realized that the “discount” I would see buying used didn’t justify the waiting or the secondhand nature. Nordstrom has always been my go-to for amazing customer service, so I put myself on a few wait lists and lo and behold, in just a few short weeks she was mine.


A few follow-up posts to come including: pre-owned vs. new, shopping the vintage market (where to, how, etc), caring for Chanel, and ways to wear the WOC. Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see with regards to Chanel, and, link me your Chanel beauties below if applicable!

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  • Congrats on your new baby! Owning a classic flap is definitely on my life list. I actually started a specific savings account for it on my 25th birthday where I put $25 in every paycheck so that on my 30th I could walk into a Chanel store and buy it. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll actually be able to go through with it. Now that I’ll be going back to school for 4 years, I won’t have any more paychecks 🙁

    • thepearshape

      Thank you for your congratulations Franziska! Starting a savings account is a wonderful idea. Keep plugging away, i’m sure it will happen one day!

  • Cee

    Lauren, I am SO happy for you! You couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful piece for your first Chanel. And at a very apt time too (a friend told me the possibility of yet another price hike in March). Lol @ missing her when you’re away. I think the first few days after I bought mine, I carried mine around the house and couldn’t stop touching it with a blissful smile on my face. I know you’ll love her and wear her well!

    I’m always interested in hearing how people come to making big decisions, ie: how you whittled down to the style, color, shape, etc. Seeing how others’ minds work is such a fascinating thing.

    • thepearshape

      Thank you for your kind words, Cee! I’m glad i’m not the only one who is slightly obsessed with this new purchase. And yes, I heard about the price hike which is another thing that drove me towards purchasing sooner rather than later.

      I will be sure to do a few posts about how I chose color, size, style, etc. 🙂

  • fleurdelyss

    It may not have been the first pick, but I think it was a very great choice!
    And missing her is definitely not weird.
    Nor is calling her “her.”

    Fleur de Lyss

    • thepearshape

      Thanks Alyssa 🙂 Glad everyone doesn’t think i’m a nutso for giving her a name and obsessing

  • vvvp

    I love your WOC – I have seen them around and thought they were cute, but not “for someone my size”. I only ever see them on bloggers that don’t exactly look like me….but you do…and it looks great!! I look forward to more posts with your new baby (and so I can start to prowl for one!),

  • misslily

    congratulations on your purchase! it’s sooooooo beautiful and so very grown up 🙂 i look forward to reading more posts about your shopping experience and research and how you made your choice! i’m thinking about goinig the pre-owned/vintage route for some items on my wish list and would love to hear more….

    • lhaber

      Thanks lilly! I’m in love 🙂

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  • Candace Ginestar

    I love the WOC! However, with patience, you can find great full size purses for around the same price you paid (My first Chanel is a vintage XL flap, black w/ gold hardware). I purchased mine for $1600 and it is my favorite purse, even more so than my Balenciagas. I have another love affair with Rebecca Minkoff too! lol

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