My Journey To Confidence

This is a more personal video for me, and has to do with my journey to confidence. This topic has been highly requested by the younger audience that reads this blog and I am so flattered that everyone regards me as a confident person. I have definitely had my fair share of insecure moments but the few things I discuss here have really helped me become comfortable with myself and confident in sharing the images you see here. xx

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  • Ali

    Your video made me smile! Bravo to you, you have every right to be this confident – you’re such a beauty! I was shocked to hear you get negative comments!

    • thepearshape

      Thank you Ali! And yes everyone has something negative to say but sweet comments make up for it!

  • Really great advice. Dressing in clothes that fit properly always boosts my confidence, and smart to pay attention to who you surround yourself with. Thank you for sharing!

    • thepearshape


  • Elisse

    Aww ya know this video almost made me cry. I really felt so happy that you’ve found ways to be confident at such a young age. I struggle w confidence on a daily basis and often regret that I basically threw away my 20’s feeling so miserable and inadequate (for reference I’m in my mid-30’s…prehistoric, I know!). And to this day I feel that my life is just going by and I’m not living it. I HAVE let myself go and I HAVE stopped caring. It’s not a good feeling but I fear it’s too late to “get my sexy back.” So I’m truly happy that you’ve realized all these things at just 23 years old. And I’m so grateful that you have the courage put yourself out there and share it with other young women. I truly hope that young women will not ever be in the position I’m in. It’s not a good place to be.

    • thepearshape

      Elisse thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment. I hope that this has helped you gain some confidence and pelase reach out to me if you need anything at all. xo

  • MrsPPS

    Great to see such a candid video. It took me most of my youth (i’m only 25 now – making myself sound so old!) to find any sort of confidence, but thanks to finding some true friends and a husband who is always complimenting me, I’m finally there. It makes me sad to think of all the things I might have missed out on from being down on myself so much back-in-the-day, so to see you doing something to help young people out there beat those feelings early on is really fabulous.

    I found your blog through tPF and have now become a regular reader. Looking forward to seeing more great outfits from you!

    • thepearshape

      thank you MrsPPS. I so appreciate your kind words and wish you the best with your confidence journey! It is not easy

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