Julie Boot Cut (wearing size 10)

My least favorite activity in the entire world when it comes to shopping, is searching for a work pant that fits. I have never once been successful or found a pant that fits my specifications entirely. For reference, I am in need of floor length work pants, slimmer in the leg (but not fully tapered), in a neutral color that is not too tight in the thigh, rear-end region, but fits at my natural waist.

Last weekend I was in need of some new full-length work pants and stopped into Ann Taylor LOFT to take a look at their selection. They have over 5 styles of work pants, and numerous denoted as “curvy” so I was optimistic.

The first is the Julie Boot Cut above. Right off the bat the pant is too tight in the hips and thighs and is not work appropriate, though it did fit at the waist and I appreciated the slimmer leg. I passed.

Marisa Trouser (wearing size 10): I didn’t originally want a trouser style pant but was desperate and decided to try this on. As with the other pants it is inappropriately tight in the hips and rear end, but this time was loose in the waist as well. Also, it sat a bit high on my waist. I like my work pants to sit a little bit lower to allow the option of tucking in without truncating my torso.

Kate Trouser (wearing size 10): The Kate trouser was my least favorite of all of them. Made in a stretchy “scuba” material, it was not at all flattering for someone with curves, and clung to everything. The tightness and pulling across the front made these an instant no.

Zoe Wide Leg Trouser (wearing size 10): My last effort was this Zoe trouser. I believe I tried this on in their “curvy” option and as you can see there is plenty of extra room in the lower tummy area. the hips and thighs fit well, but the extra room and high waist made these a pass.

I did end up stopping into J.Crew after this shopping trip and picked up a pair of work pants that fit my specifications as well as I can hope for the time being. Desperate times call for settling, and settle I did. A full review of my J.Crew buy coming soon. In the mean time, I am still on the hunt for my perfect pant!