Opinion: To Cut A Dress, or Not To Cut A Dress?

IMG_0221-2Banana Republic dress (absolutely ancient, amazing similarly patterned one here), Sam Edelman sandals, Prada sunglasses

I need you’re opinion. I’ve had this dress since I was 16 (not joking). I bought it for my little brother’s middle school graduation and have worn it so many times I can’t even tell you. But upon putting it on yesterday the length sort of started to bother me. The flattering wrap shape and the v-neck line are still absolute favorites, but the awkward 2-inches-below-the-knee length bugged me. So, I ask you dear readers, do I get it tailored to 2 inches above the knee, or not?


IMG_0188-2Gosh that waist is flattering. Who knew the dressing for your shape thing could start at such a young age! I’ve got an eye ladies! *wink*

IMG_0193-2So, no alterations trips will be made until your opinion is received. Do be so kind, help a girl out and leave it below!

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  • kayleymaybe

    Length doesn’t bother me at all, but I think it would look great right at or a little above knee length too. What a super flattering dress! You look amazing as always!

  • Sarah

    Yes! I’d shorten it to at or just above the knee. Right now it’s hitting your leg just where it gets wider; shorten it so it hits you at a narrower part. It’s a great dress!

  • AvgGirlsGuide

    the length doesn’t bother me but i think it could be great above the knee and offer more shoe flexibility! go for it; it’s obviously on your mind. 🙂

  • Ali

    If you’re uncomfortable with it, then absolutely! I personally hate dresses that fall to that place on me so I know how you feel…it feels so unflattering on my legs! It shows right where they begin to widen and definitely makes me self conscious. Love the dress though! Its so pretty on you!

  • Georgina Manning

    Sorry, I disagree with the others! You are young and might think the length is a little matronly, but I think it’s the most flattering. I also think you’ll get even more wear out of the dress over time at its current length. It’s pretty 🙂

  • Tracy

    I agree with most of the ladies – I would go with the most universal which would be right AT the knee. It doesn’t cut your legs off like what Sarah pointed out below, but it also doesn’t limit yourself in the future!!

    Seriously, awesome dress, love the color too!

  • I think the longer length would be great with some more height at the food (like with heels or wedges) or take it shorter if you plan to wear it with flats more often!

  • Aimee Rancer

    I say do it! I love the color, the shape! So flattering! 🙂

  • Christina P

    Ohh, I love the color and the shape of it! I’d say go for it, but not too short!

  • What a lovely piece! Great color and so flattering. The length doesn’t bother me at all–especially if you might wear heels with it, but it’s your dress so if you’d be more comfortable with a knee-length or shorter, go for it! I’m sure it’ll still be just as beautiful.

  • Christine

    I also notice it falls at the widest part of your leg. Go for it 🙂

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