Wardrobe Essentials


Old sweater (similar), J.Crew “perfect” shirt (here in solid), Banana Republic tank, JBrand jeans (on sale!), Jack Purcell shoes, Prada sunglasses

Pattern mixing, hello! Three patterns seems to be my thing. Let’s see if maybe one day we could go for four?


Each component of this outfit are my favorites. The “perfect” tank from BR I have talked about before as being an essential. This shirt from J.Crew is a staple and this sweater is thrown over things for work more than i’d care to admit. And well, these sunnies, need I say more?



Also, I’m loving the 6th grade throwback with these Jack Purcell’s. Thinking of investing in some Keds just to really take it back.


Thanks for reading!

Buying with a Purpose


J.Crew sweater (similar) & scarf (similar) & flats, JBrand jeans (on sale!), Bag from Italy

I can admit that a lot of times, when I shop, I am drawn to things that are just cool. No particular rhyme or reason for buying a particular item other than I had a visceral reaction to a component of it. I loved the sleeves, the fit, or that it pushed me out of my comfort zone. However, with everyday basics I do try and purchase with purpose. By that I mean that if I see an item on sale that would be a great “base,” I think about what I own that would coordinate with it.


Take this sweater and scarf for example. I’ve had the sweater for years, and when J.Crew came out with the scarf last year, I had instant visions of pairing it with this sweater.



Likewise, nearly 4 years ago when I purchased this bag while studying abroad, I knew that the neutral purple would match with many neutrals I already owned. And lo and behold, thought of this bag when I saw the purple and pastel hues in this scarf. It all comes together.


So while I do love an “interesting” piece, the truth behind it is that my wardrobe is built mainly of basics, purchased with a purpose.

The Outfit I Wish I Was Wearing

If I had my wish, i’d be wearing this outfit right now. This jacket and these boots are both on sale at Nordstrom for nearly 40% off. To say i’m tempted is an understatement.

Next Steps for ThePearShape!

cesar changes

Do you remember last week how I wrote that super cryptic post about changes that would be coming to ThePearShape? That change is finally here and i’m sooooo excited! ThePearShape has officially been signed to StyleList! Woo! Let’s all do a little happy dance.

If you aren’t super familiar with the way that this sort of thing works, StyleList is a community of fashion contributors (see me here. yippie!). Along with bringing together some amazing ladies in some pretty cool areas of these interwebs, StyleList serves to help this blog connect with brands that fit the goal and intent of TPS. This is one part of this opportunity that i’m incredibly excited about. I love bringing product reviews and new fashion inspiration to you curvy beauties and joining this community will only help me to do so on a more regular basis, and with brands that I absolutely love.

In short, thank you so much in advance for supporting this blog and those sponsors that allow me to continue my shopping addiction, and share the fruits of that lovely labor with you all. Oh and also, no those photos above have nothing to do with the content of this post but isn’t that face just so damn cute you could die? Yeah. All mine

P.S. ThePearShape is the first “curvy” blogger to be signed the StyleList. If you weren’t doing a happy dance before, cue that now. I’ll wait.

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