We’ve officially launched Part & Parcel in Alaska!
From it’s kind people to it’s amazing views – our welcome to Anchorage sure was a warm one. The thrill of introducing clothing, community & a way to earn a living to a community that is often overlooked was nothing short of surreal. Joy was at an all-time highas plus size women learned about Dimensional Sizing™; how it was no longer wishful thinking but a real physical concept that’s now available to our 0x-6x community members.

I’ve dreamt about hosting these kinds of events for years, throughout the entire journey of building Part & Parcel. But during this night, there were many incredibly moments that were beyond my wildest dreams.

We had a beautiful crowd join us, and were thrilled to have our community member, Sharita host a Q&A with me towards the end of the night. The understanding of women in the room, the fact that we’d all experienced a similar life in a plus body was incredible. It was such a moment of understanding between us all. Sharita was so brave and shared some of her own experiences on stage. In fact, she shared that en route to CurvyCon, where we first met 2+ years ago, she experienced size discrimination while on her flight. She shed some tears and we all completely understood her pain, having been there ourselves.

Moments like this are not things that are planned. They’re organic, raw and real, and i’m so honored to be a part of them. That moment reminded me so much of the last 10 years of writing this blog, and the written stories you all have shared with me over time. Honestly, Anchorage felt like a religious experience; a place where people felt heard, understood and thought of as the one & only priority. Moments like this are the reason we’re creating a whole new world – one where plus thrives. This is the work I dreamed of doing. I can’t thank Alaska enough for reinforcing the mission behind Part & Parcel, and for cheering us on.

Now, where to next? We would love your  ideas on the next few cities we should pop up in. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

See you next week,