Hi all,

Tuesday’s have truly become a very special day in my calendar. Getting to share the behind the scenes of a business created from a personal perspective is something not all CEO’s get to do. The Pear Shape has been an open, safe and empowering community that grew over the years – and that throughout the years, really grew me. Every step we take at Part & Parcel is a group effort and to celebrate it with all of you, only feels right!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to launch Part & Parcel in Arkansas alongside our Founding Partner and plus size fashion/beauty blogger Sarah Conley. We were thrilled to introduce plus size women to our brand. To share how it was made for them from the very beginning and to translate how their want for more has been fulfilled beyond clothing …..to the opportunity to earn a living by sharing what they know and love.

“Spectacular” is the only adjective I can use to describe the event…the joy that was shared in that room, and the surreal feeling I got to experience when I witnessed first-hand the vision I once had, turned into real human emotion and the most positive ones at that. Seeing plus women feel confident, understood, encouraged, celebrated and excited is a feeling that I promise will never get old. These emotions are part of us, and these events help us connect who we are to who we do it all for.

This event couldn’t have been possible without our birthday girl Sarah and her girl gang (who are the real deal) – Good vibes turned into fantastic ones really really quickly! Statistics always indicated that Arkansas and Part & Parcel would be a great pairing due to the demographic, and interest in being part of a side-gig economy. However we didn’t know we would be there so soon and we can’t wait to be back!

If you live in Arkansas and are ready to become a Part & Parcel, Partner please sign up on Part & Parcel’s website (www.partandparcel.com /signup/welcome). If you have any questions about becoming a Partner please check out our FAQ’s ( https://partandparcel.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) & if there is anything left unanswered, feel highly encouraged to get in touch with us via email: info@partandparcel.com or through any of our social channels (IG, FB, Twitter).

Before I forget, Friday is almost here – so let me remind you to set those alarm clocks! Only this week we’ll be sharing a bonus blogpost and since it’s a very special one, we do hope to see you back here bright and early.  

Until then,