May has been epic. It’s surreal to think that my dream, Part & Parcel, is no longer a secret.  On today’s post I’ll be taking you back to the beginning of the month, when we were still in pre launch mode, and when we took this dream of mine to the big apple!

Not sure if it was the fact that we were launching 5 days after this event, the light nerves of sharing Part & Parcel with the media for the very first time, or Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” on repeat; but all of a sudden I was feeling emotions I had only felt twice before (once when I married Caleb, twice when I birthed Anika).

Although I was in NY for a week – May 9th was a big day. Thursday started off with a P&P photoshoot, huge thanks to the amazing models above Sam, Katie, and Beck! Capturing real. genuine, and relatable content that represents who we are as a brand and who we are as humans is really important to us. After all, don’t forget we’re creating a world where plus thrives, together.

The joy of sharing something you’re astronomically passionate about is something I want everyone to experience. We’ve created a business model that will drive Part & Parcel Partners to experience it themselves – while also bringing joy to others.

Realizing there are cute options that fit, an uplifting community that understands, and the opportunity to earn a living is a first for Plus. Talking to a room full of people excited about how we’re changing the narrative was so empowering.

Part & Parcel grew from the many stories we’ve shared throughout the years on this blog. We’ve been on this journey since 2007 together and although a lot has changed one thing will always remain the same: Our focus on seeing the light in others, our commitment to always choosing kindness, & our values of making the world a little bit better than we found it.


Until next time,